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Anime Character Smashed By A Cup Is Still Cute


"Cup no Sokoko" is a toy that shows exactly what happens when a tiny, adorable anime character after a cup has been set down on her body. This new capsule toy is part of the "Cup no Fuchiko" line created by manga artist Katsuki Tanaka and toy maker Kitan Club. According to ANN, while Fuchiko acts as a cup caddy who hangs out on the rim of the cup, her counterpart Sokoko belongs under it.

Japanese Twitter Hates Waist High Bikini Fad

In about a months time, some Japanese residents will take to the beach to play, get some sun, and show off their waist high bikinis much to the dismay of Japanese users on Twitter. RocketNews24 reports some Twitter users liken the look to wearing a diaper, which does not score high in what's sexy for the summer. Perhaps it lacks matching high chested top?

These Kill La Kill Mousepads Are Too Hot For TAY


Crunchyroll news reports that these Kill La Kill mousepads are now on sale two months prior to their original sale date for 3,940 yen from Hobby Japan. Oh, and they're 3D. *nose bleeds profusely*

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