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Female Cosplayer Is Actually A Girl


According to RocketNews24, cute Chinese cosplayer AHO has been hounded by rumors of being boy that looks convincingly like a girl when she is, in actuality, a girl that looks convincingly like a girl. Yep, glad that's cleared up.

Japan Restricts Manga Featuring 'Glorification of Incestuous Acts'

Under the Youth Healthy Development Ordinance, manga title ImŇćto Paradise! 2 will now be restricted for purchase and perusal to 18 years or older only, reports ANN, possibly because it's "...excessively disrupting social order." Comics about incest will be civilization's downfall.

Free! Eternal Sunshine Promo Video Is Here

Another season of Free!, an anime about competitive swimming, has a teaser up on Youtube, reports Crunchyroll News. This show has all the trappings of a great swimming anime: good technique, flip turns, and a cast of characters that look great in speedos. Someone call the Youth Healthy Ordinance right now!