Ani-TAY News: May 12, 2014

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Collaborative watch modeled after the EVA-01

Illustration for article titled iAni-TAY News/i: May 12, 2014
Illustration for article titled iAni-TAY News/i: May 12, 2014

If you have some money to spare and are looking for some fancy humanoid addition to your wrist then here's something for you. Modeled after the EVA-01, GaGa Milano brings us a high quality Evangelion Watches


Now as absurdly cool as this watch may be, this investment is one that you're going to have to think really hard about, considering it'll run up a hefty bill of 248,400 yen (approximately 2440.28 USD). Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of time to save up for this purchase either, as GaGa Milano will only be making 300 units.

source: ANN


New Fate/stay night footage from Machi★Asobi

During the celebration of the Machi Asobi 12 festival ufotable give us another sneak peak at the Fate/stay night Anime remake they're doing (this is a different trailer that the one I posted the other day)

source: Yaraon!

New Promotional Video of Tamako Love Story

Kyoto Animation began streaming a three-minute "long promotional video" for the Tamako Love Story film on Saturday. The video features the song "Koi no Uta" (Song of Love) by Dynamite Beans and the ending theme song "Principle" by Aya Suzaki .


After showing Tamako practicing with her baton and walking through the Usagiyama Shopping District , the video begins much like the earlier trailer :

Mochizō: Since the time we were born, we were neighbors across the street. The daughter and son of two similar mochi stores. I fell in love with this childhood friend...
Midori: You're toooootally watching Tamako, aren't you? ...But you're just looking.
Mochizō: Tamako! Tamako, I… um…
Tamako: What did you want to talk about? Something about the shopping district?
Mochizō: Um, no...
Tamako: Oh, so something about mochi!
Mochizō: Neither of those.
Tamako: Huh? Then what?
Text: What he wanted to say, but couldn't.
Text: Something that was so obvious, she didn't even notice.
Mochizō: Tamako.
Tamako: I'm falling!
Mochizō: Tamako. I, um... I'm going to a college in Tokyo. So before that, I want to tell you my feelings...
Mochizō: I'm really... Really in love with you, Tamako!
Tamako: Tamako: Huh...!? Mochizō, what are you-!?
Text: Their love is so close, but so far away.
Tamako: Will you listen to me? He was always so close to me, no matter what the time... we grew up together, and I didn't think anything would change, even if we became adults. I don't really know what's going on anymore... What do you think I should do?
Kunio: The bitterness of regret is the sign that you've lost something. Taste it, bit by bit.
Mochizo: That's bitter...
Shiori: Ōji is so amazing!
Shiori: Tamako was surprised when she got confessed to by Ōji.
Text: After learning about love, one girl becomes an adult.
Midori: Are you not going to give a reply to Oji?
Tamako: I kind of thought, "Well, I'm already a third year in high school."
Shiori: Rather than thinking about whether I should go abroad, I thought about whether I'd like to go. Everyone has firsts, right?
Kanna: Maybe I'll try climbing somewhere high...
Midori: Go!
Text: Stepping one foot forward.
Tamako: Mochizō!!
Tamako: Wait...!
Tamako & Mochizō: Tamako Love Story
Dera: I bet the guys in the Usagiyama Shopping District are so lonely without me!


The movie's website also updated with information about two tentatively titled CDs on July 16: the Tamako Love Story Original Soundtrack and the TV Anime Tamako Market , Tamako Love Story movie Song Compilation CD . The website updated the list of theaters that are showing or will be showing the movie.

Kyoto Animation 's main staff for the Tamako Market television anime returned for the Tamako Market film, including director Naoko Yamada , head scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida , and character designer Yukiko Horiguchi . This is the latest brand-new film from Kyoto Animation after K-ON! and Takanashi Rikka • Kai ~Gekijō-ban Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai!~ .


The film earned 30 million yen (about US$290,000) on 24 screens in its first weekend after opening last month.

source: koi-nya via ANN

Bonus: Hatsune Miku on Tour With Lady Gaga

Yep this is real If Bump of Chicken did a video featuring Hatsune Miku, why not take her on tour. Here have a peek at it, courtesy of the Lady Gaga Facebook page.


source: Lady Gaga Facebook

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