Ani-TAY Goes to Anime North 2015!

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Myself (Stanlick) and Matt W. (mdubs) will be representing Ani-TAY as members of the press for Anime North 2015! We will be there on all three days (May 22nd, 23rd, & 24th in Toronto, Canada) and plan to cover as much of the convention as possible. You can find information on the convention at Anime North’s official website here.


Currently, we plan to do the same three-day report style that Proton did for his Naka-Kon coverage, and a cosplay coverage (possibly all three days as well), but it will not stop there. We’ll be solidifying our game plan in the coming weeks, so if you want us to report on something or someone specifically, tell us in the comments.

Stay tuned for all that we put out that weekend (there’ll probably be a lot)!

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