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Ani-TAY News: May 8, 2014

Welcome to Ani-TAY news, your daily stop for all recent Anime, Manga, VNs, LNs, etc. news out there. We will bring you 3 (or more) random news from around the web every day to keep you up to date with the latest things going on around.

Babymetal Scheduled To Slay Europeans This Summer

Heavy metal, pop girl trio Babymetal will launch their first world tour this summer, according to their Facebook page. Notably, they will share the stage with some very famous heavy metal veterans, including Iron Maiden and Metallica, as play shows in France, Germany, and the UK this July. About time.


via Facebook

Disney's Frozen Is More Popular Than Ghibli's Ponyo

Move over Miyazaki, Disney's Frozen surpasses Miyazaki's Ponyo in ticket sales putting it in the top 10 of the Japanese box office ranking for 3D films. According to Crunchyroll News, Frozen has earned 15,900,000,000 yen as of May 6, compared to Ponyo's 15,500,000,000 yen. Look at all those zeros.


via crunchyroll

Few Escape Live Action Attack On Titan Game

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At Yokohama Stadium, Real Escape Games held it's first annual Attack on Titan live-action game where only 120 out of 1,600 players survived a simulated Titan attack. In this game, players assumed the role as trainees hoping to join the Survey. When titans break into the citadel during the graduation ceremony, the trainees must solve puzzles in their attempts to escape. Less than 10% could do it within the 1-hour time limit. That sounds about right.

via rocketnews24

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