With Ani-TAY Comedy Week fast approaching (read: June 15th is the start!), I wanted to begin to build up some of that good old hype train with a few details for you guys.

First off, for those of you planning to write articles for Comedy Week, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you contact me ahead of time! This is primarily to insure that there is not too much overlap with the planning of when articles are posted, we have several days to space things out over and if five articles go live at the same time, or two articles with similar content are posted close to each other, that kind of just creates a train wreck. I’m very open to just about anything, but I need to know if you are planning to write something so I can coordinate with you and help make this whole thing successful!

Second on the agenda is my fun announcement: the Ani-TAY Meta Meter. When I did my crazy April Fools’ Day series of articles, I realized that there were quite a few articles that had Ani-TAY inside jokes that only regular viewers might get, and thus I wanted to create the Ani-TAY Meta Meter for the purpose of informing potential viewers of the meta-ness of the articles they are about to read.

Note: If you are planning to write for Comedy Week, I ask that you include this meter as a part of all official Comedy Week articles. You can save the image from this article.

Additionally, please tag your article with ‘Ani-TAY Comedy Week 2015’ for posterity’s sake.


Without further wait, I will now detail the various settings of this fancy contraption.

Level 1


This is the very lowest level. Articles that are level 1 require virtually no experience on Ani-TAY whatsoever and are entirely accessible to any anime fans. Level 1 articles also often do not necessarily require readers to have seen one specific show to find enjoyment.

Level 2


Level 2 articles also require very little experience in the Ani-TAY community to understand, but may include a couple of in-jokes or require readers to have seen a specific anime to get the punchline.

Level 3


Articles at level 3 on the meta meter will be more accessible to readers with some experience with the Ani-TAY community. If you are not a regular, it is likely that you will miss the main joke present in the article, and your enjoyment would be far greater if you actually knew the community better. Stick around, we’re fun people!

Level 4


This are starting to heat up! Level 4 articles are very unlikely to be understood at all by anyone that does not have experience with Ani-TAY. The primary difference between level 3 and level 4 is that level 3 articles might still potentially be amusing for the uninitiated, but level 4 articles virtually require readers to be in the know to find any amusement.

Level 5


Level 5 is basically the super meta meta stuff. You likely need to be a hardcore Ani-TAY addict to catch the joke, although regular readers might still find some of the humor in the article. These articles are mostly intended to amuse other Ani-TAY authors.

That just about does it! Everyone, look forward to next week because I’m hoping that I’m mildly funny so that you can laugh with (or at least at) me and everyone else working hard to crack some anime jokes.


Also, a super special thanks to Kevin for designing the Meta Meter, my graphic design skills are approximately equal to the chances of Tatsuya losing in a fight, I could have never brought this idea to fruition without him!