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Ani-TAY Comedy Week Has Begun!

As of right now, 8 am EST, Ani-TAY Comedy Week 2015 has begun! Here’s a quick guide.

The first official post is at 9 am, with all other posts following at 10 am or after. Once again, should you plan to write something, please let me know.


Comedy Week articles are measured using the Ani-TAY Meta Meter, click here for a guide to the rating rationale.


If you are a TAY reader, as I have said all posts will be on Ani-TAY, and only some of them will be shared over.

The official run for Comedy Week is 6/15-6/19. However, some posts may be made this weekend as part of the encore, although there will likely be a lower volume of posts.


Anyways, everyone have fun! Be sure to star and comment on articles people put up that you find funny, they will definitely appreciate it!

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