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Ani-TAY Comedy Week Begins Tomorrow!

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Hey there everyone, all aboard the hype train!

The official commencement of comedy week is at 8:00 am tomorrow morning, 6/15/15 and runs through Friday, 6/19/15. This weekend is considered the ‘encore’ portion, and while not officially part of Comedy Week if your posts are delayed it is possible to post them during the weekend and still be a part, although no guarantee on content Saturday and Sunday. I’m assuming people who have planned to post for Comedy Week with me (there are a lot of you) have discussed when the post will go up, but just in case: POSTING BEGINS AT 10:00 AM!!! The only posts made between 8 and 10 are already planned, so talk to me about when to post and do not post until after 10 am Monday morning EST (kinja time). Thx.


If you are a member of TAY reading this, if you are interested please visit, some of our posts will be shared but most of them will only be available on our main page.

If you are not interested in Comedy Week, run. Save yourself, it’s too late for me!

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