The title says it all. In a stealthy move, Crunchyroll has discovered a way to make you watch more anime efficiently, by allowing users to hit a die-shaped button that will 'randomly' take you to watch an 'anime'. It looks like 'this':

Somes users, however, cry foul, for only shows starting with numbers or the letter 'A' are currently chosen by this magical apparatus. Quotes:

"I got AIURA." - Koda89, today

"I got that too" - Krakken_Unleashed, also today

"I had 07 Ghost and 5 Cent. per Second." - Dexomega, also today as well (see a pattern?)

But what about the overall reaction to something so groundbreaking?

"Oh shi-" - Dexomega

"Oh shit." - Rockmandash12

":v" - Koda89

Well, if there's one thing to learn from this, it's that Scott Adams can predict the future.


UPDATE: They removed the button, guys. just go to for now.


UPDATE 2: They removed the webpage, this is why we can't have nice things. Hopefully this feature will show up again soon.

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