This is a message to many of the authors, though I know some of the readers will gain valuable knowledge from this as well.

I’m currently writing/delegating my seasonly “sequel preparation” article that simply tells you what you need to watch in order to catch up on anime returning in a few weeks. While doing so, I realized that a certain show holds many of the same comedic traits that Working! (Wagnaria) presents.

Working! is a comedy anime whose third season is currently airing, and will be ending shortly. It is an anime that no one really talked about until just before the beginning of this Summer season, when seemingly half of the authors decided to pick it up. All of those authors liked the first two seasons and are certainly enjoying the third’s episodes week to week. Now, we all know what happens when a good show ends; you need something to fill its place.

Luckily, with the dawn of this Fall season, a show of a very similar style has been granted a sequel. It runs off the same comedy formula as Working! (that is, exploring the shortcomings of the cast, and exploiting them to a state of hilarity), and I believe it will fill the previously mentioned hole. Without further ado, I present to you, Yuru Yuri.

Now, it might seem a little more cutesy (or moe) than what you’re used to, but I can assure you that the comedy it spews does not yield to any genre standards that you might imagine. It is an story of four girls in middle school, yet at the same time it’s a story of four unique individuals with their own faults to extort for comedy.


I’m not saying Yuru Yuri and Working! are similar in plot, setting, and characters, I’m simply pointing out that it hits the same comedy criteria. Alos, it’s a bit more evil. :D

PS, there’s only hints of real yuri, nothing big.

I hope you enjoy.

It can be found in North America on:
and Hulu (Season 1, Season 2)