Entitled The Language Learning Potential of Subtitled Media, the survey is specifically made to find out if people think they’re actually learning Japanese from watching anime. You should take it.

If you’ve watched as much anime as I have you’ve likely picked a couple Japanese words, or at the very least you’ve spotted some differences between Japan’s culture and your own, but to what extent? Is it possible to learn more than a basic understanding of any language simply by watching subtitled media? I don’t know, but this subject has been discussed and debated as long as subtitled anime has been around and most people probably have something to say about it.

Luckily, everyone has a voice and this survey should serve as a proper quantification of the subject. The results should be interesting, so I encourage you to complete it.

The survey can be found here.

The header image is of Chaika, who’s Japanese grammar isn’t that great, but with the use of enough nouns, verbs, and adjectives, she can piece together meaningful remarks. Shocking Truth!