Ani-TAY Author mdubs Missing

Author mdubs (or Matt W.) has been reported missing by Canadian authorities. He was last seen locking the door to his apartment yelling, "I must find her!" Matt's real-life waifu filed the report this morning after failing to hear from him for several days. She had gone to his apartment, and upon attempting to enter she had found it empty. The only clues to his whereabouts are a ticket stub for a plane to Japan and various Goose house CDs found strewn across the floor of his room, all missing their discs.

Image: an artist's accurate interpretation of mdubs' appearance.

While police are working to track down this missing person, they urge the community not to panic. "I've seen this several times before," officer Tsunemori, Canadian police chief, informed me in an interview. "These guys get what I like to call Waifu Syndrome, and the only cure is to find them in real life." More evidence has already been brought to life linking Matt's disappearance with Kei Takebuchi, a member of the band Goose house. In this case, it takes the form of a tweet Matt made that she responded to.


"She's gone too far this time," criminal investigator Kogami told me in an email. "Miss Takebuchi has been known for the serial spreading of Waifu Syndrome in the past through her intentionally fantastic voice she utilizes in many of her songs. This behavior is unacceptable normally, but to drag a poor Canadian man halfway across the globe..." Clearly, Matt's disappearance is merely the symptom of a far greater world-wide epidemic. "The internet is the easiest way to infect a new host," Kogami continued to explain. "It's a simple matter of putting yourself out there, much like honey, to draw in unsuspecting internet viewers."

While this is most definitely a concern, the Ani-TAY community just hopes to see mdubs back soon. "It's not as if I miss him, or anything," Rockmandash12 told me, "but I don't appreciate him leaving without saying anything to me." His voice is not the only one. "I need my weekly fix of Ani-Kei," Jonuiuc told me. "If I don't see an update soon, I might just be joining him." Mdubs, if you are reading this: please update Ani-Kei. For the good of the community. Also, if you can you should come home as well.

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