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Ani-TAY Audio: Bonus Tracks #2

So we’ve been doing this OP/ED A Day bit for quite a while now. #200 snuck up on me awhile back. I was planning on releasing this the same day, but obviously that didn’t happen. Oh well.

One of the funny things that happened last time is that I was so focused on using good examples for the major categories, I didn’t end up showing off several of the main songs that got me thinking about making such an article in the first place. There’s also been a surprising amount of good new ‘Bonus Tracks’ since that article.


I’ll be splitting it into the same three categories as last time: Extras from OP/ED singles, background music, and character image songs.

Let’s get started!


Title: Make It Glitter | Artist: ZAQ | Series: Rail Wars!

It’s dumb and Engrishy but dear god, it’s SO CATCHY. This was one of the songs that initially made me start percolating this article series in the back of my brain.

Title: Kanjou Literacy | Artist: BRADIO | Series: Death Parade

This is from the opening single, Flyers. It’s a fun song, with a funky sort of theme in a slightly different way than that of Flyers. I’ll be keeping watch for more songs by these guys.

Title: Trickster | Artist: Nomizu Iori | Series: Chaika: the Coffin Princess - Avenging Battle


I wasn’t a big fan of the actual opening this came with, but this song is really fun.


Title: Flying | Artist: Iwasaki Taku | Series: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

I really loved the soundtrack in MKnR. Whatever other complaints people had about it, the soundtrack really drove home the magitechological near-future vibe all the way through it.



T7 had one of the Engrishiest soundtracks ever. It’s almost stealth-engrish half the time because it’s so horribly pronounced you don’t even realize they’re trying to speak english at all. It’s allover every background song that has any lyrics at all, and it’s in every single ending theme. It’s kind of amazing in a weird way.

Title: Attack On | Artist: Yokoyama Masaru | Series: Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Most of the soundtrack to UMD was pretty subdued, but this is a high-tension, upbeat battle theme. I feel it fits really well with Yaya’s fighting style.



Title: METHOD HYMME GRANZERO=SPEAR | Artist: Rekka Katakiri | Series: Ar Tonelico


This is one of my favorites. This is Cocona’s account of the first meeting between her and Croix, before the events of Ar Tonelico II. It comes from one of the many bonus CDs of the series they released in addition to the actual OSTs and Hymmnos Concert Discs. If you’re not familiar with the story, I’ll try to skirt around the spoilery parts, but... their first meeting is not really under the best of circumstances. Croix rose above the situation and basically adopted her, and choosing to do so under the conditions he did takes an extreme amount of both moral fiber and brass balls.

Title: Batsu Game de Charaya | Artist: Onosaka Masaya & Seki Tomokazu | Series: Angelic Layer


This fuckin’ song. This is Mihara Ichirou (Icchan), the asshole professor, singing about how he makes life hell for his immensely pitiable assistant, Ogata, who is also singing his complaints about the process. Icchan sends him off on impossible errands and makes up arbitrary failure conditions, then sentences the poor sap to absurd penalties. We’re talking “octopus in your trunks for 5 minutes”sort of penalties here. Everything from sexual harassment to humiliation to grossouts. It’s great for laughs, but it probably makes me a bad person for liking it. (...Shut up, peanut gallery.)

Title:Judgment of Yellow | Artist:Chinatsu Akasaki | Series: Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu


For having one of the dumbest premises, this was a goddamned hilarious show. This is Erina Shindou (aka Tail Yellow)‘s character song. I love how it spirals off into random delusions in the middle a couple times. Very fitting...

There’s still more where this came from, so I’ll see you sometime between OP/ED #300 and #365 for set 3 of Bonus Tracks. In the meantime, have any of you found a Bonus Track you love? Tell me all about it!

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