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Ani-TAY Art Club: Show Us Your Art!!!

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Hello readers of Ani-TAY! Welcome to the first week of the Ani-TAY Art Club.

The idea: Hold a weekly drawing challenge where everyone can participate. Each week, a winner is crowned.


This is an anime community, so I imagine that more than just a few of you like to draw anime stuff in your spare time. The Ani-TAY Art Club will serve as a hub for you to show us what you’re made of.

“But Staaaaaan! What if I can’t draw too well?!” That doesn’t matter! We’re all here to simply have some good fun. If you feel like you want to participate, but don’t think you’re any good, then all the better! The themes will call for creativity over talent, but if you want to draw a masterpiece, there’s nothing wrong with that either.


“How do I submit my stuff?” Easy! You can either post your image below, or email it to Make sure you provide a nickname or alias that I can attach to the photo, otherwise I could call you anything.

“Are there any rules?” Only a few:
-No nudity.
-No hateful content.
-Use your own work.
-It has to be anime related.


“Okay, cool. What’s the theme for the first week?” To make things simple, for the first week there will be no theme; we just want to see what you guys draw! So go ahead and throw me your best... or worst. It’s okay if it’s something you’ve already drawn, just send it my way.

“What if no-one participates?” Well, if you’re the only participant, then you win! But seriously, it should only take you a few minutes to complete each week’s theme, so there’s no harm in trying it out.


Have fun everyone! I’m excited to see what you can deliver!

All the photos in the header were drawn by Koda to give you some examples of a typical art club submission.


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