Being a numbers guy and for certain reasons, I have decided to start keeping track of and reporting the statistics of Ani-TAY on a month to month basis. As this is something that I just thought to do today, this first month will be a bit spartan, but I plan to add more and more information to this report as I go on. I will do one of these reports for TAY as well starting in July, so please look for that one in the future. So here are our June numbers:

  • There were 195 post made to Ani-TAY
  • 42 of those posts, 22%, were shared to TAY
  • 35 of those 42 posts, 83%, shared to TAY made it onto the daily Kotaku round-up.
  • Those 42 posts represent 8% of the total posts to TAY
  • 38 real authors contributed
  • 6 less-than-real authors did as well

I wanted to include a breakdown of how many posts are reviews, news articles, impressions, etc., but I was too lazy to go back and count all that for this month and will just keep a record going forward.


I will also include stats about page views, unique visitors and demographics in future articles, but if you cannot wait till July you can check out that information at the following link:


If you have anything in particular you would like me to keep track off going forward, please leave it in the comments.

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