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Ani-Kei Meeting #5 - 1, 2, 3, Go!

Welcome to the fifth meeting of Ani-Kei, Ani-TAY's official fanclub for Goose house member Kei Takebuchi and Goose house as a whole! This is the best place to highlight the best covers featuring Kei and Goose house or anything related to Goose house in general. We hold meetings every now and then, so feel free to call one if you feel called to do so!


New to the club? Read what it's all about here! New to Goose house? Read what they are all about right here!

Goose house fans are in for a couple eventful weeks, it should be a lot of fun! Two weeks ago we saw the release of "Harunohi -chorus-" which is the first song unveiled from Bitter and this Wednesday will see the digital release of "Cobalt Town" from Milk. Look forward to it!


This Meeting's Feature:

Oto No Naru Hou E —> / Goose house


This week marks one year since Oto No Naru Hou E —> was released by a Goose house so in celebration the full music video is this week's feature on Ani-Kei! This was the band's first song featured in an anime and also their first release without d-iZe and after the return of Johnny to the group. The music video is quite charming, showing Goose house cheering on the romantic attempts of a young couple. I hope you enjoy it!


Upcoming events for Goose house include their livestream performance at Youtube Space Tokyo at 20:00 JST (6:00am EST) this Friday February 20th, the dual releaase of Milk and Bitter on Wednesday February 25th as well as ustream #47 on February 28th.

For more on Ani-TAY Goose house content you can click the link below:


Missed ustream #46 on January 30th? Check out my recap right here:


Hello to our fellow Goose house fans in Indonesia! If you've found this article through HousemateID, we're so happy to have you here! Please continue to visit Ani-TAY in the future for our continuing coverage of Goose house and other anime related things. (Same message follows in Indonesian, I'm sorry if it's butchered because I used google translate) Halo untuk semua sesama penggemar Goosehouse Indonesia kami ! Kami senang memiliki Anda di sini jadi silakan terus mengunjungi Ani - TAY di masa depan !

As for your loyal chairperson of Ani-Kei:

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