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Ani-Kei Meeting #4 - Now on Air!

Welcome to the fourth meeting of Ani-Kei, Ani-TAY's official fanclub for Goose house member Kei Takebuchi and Goose house as a whole! This is the best place to highlight the best covers featuring Kei and Goose house or anything related to Goose house in general. We hold meetings every now and then, so feel free to call one if you feel called to do so!


New to the club? Read what it's all about here!

What an eventful week for Kei and Goose house fans! This week saw the release of their newest single "Harunohi -chorus-" which will be a track from their upcoming album Bitter.


Last Saturday we were treated to Goose house ustream #46 which gave us a fresh batch of songs to listen to.


This Meeting's Feature:

NOW ON AIR / red park

What to say about this song? This song is absolutely adorable showcasing some great vocals by Kei. I think it's endearing the way Kei and Goose house as a whole sing with so much joy, something sorely missing in today's music industry.


Upcoming events for Goose house include their livestream from Youtube Space Tokyo on February 20th, the release of their new albums Milk and Bitter on February 25th as well as ustream #47 on February 28th. Look forward to coverage of all these events right here on Ani-TAY!

For more on Ani-TAY Goose house content you can click the link below:


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