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Ani-Kei Meeting #2 - Let Me Party All Night Long!

Welcome to the second meeting of Ani-Kei, Ani-TAY's official fanclub for Goose house member Kei Takebuchi! This is the best place to highlight the best covers featuring Kei or anything related to Goose house in general. We hold meetings every now and then, so feel free to call one if you feel called to do so!


New to the club? Read what it's all about here!


This Meeting's Feature:

"come again" - m-flo

This cover was performed at Goose house Ustream #27 on October 20th 2013 and features Kei singing with d-iZe and Johnny Saito. I love this cover because it represents Goose house doing what they do best in taking a song and providing their own unique take on it, melding their voices to create something ridiculously catchy. It also reminds me how much I enjoy watching d-iZe perfom, it would be nice if he came back for a guest session. I particularly liked has a significant amount of English parts to it and it is cool to see the constant switching from Japanese to English and back. Enjoy!


I was recently interviewed by Ani-Kei's own Protonstorm regarding the club, be sure to read it and set those Idolm@aster heathen straight.


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