The Story about a Guy who believes the “Internet Gender Rule” and a Girl who can´t diferentiate between Real and Internet Life.

“On the Internet Every Man is a Man; Every Woman is a Man and every Child is the FBI” has basically been the motto of Hideki Nishimura, a Man who after failing in love and confess to a Girl online, only to get to know that it was in fact a Dude. However, one day a Girl confess to him...And it turns out that it is in fact a very beautiful one!..There is only one thing... She is an Airhead who can´t tell apart the online and real life events! So Hideki alongside his friends are going to “Correct” her of such thing.

That it´s the plot of “And you thought there is Never a girl online?” based on the Light Novels of the same name, which will come on April 7.

It sounds interesting indeed, i might watch!

Via: Anime News Network