Some of you might recognize Kyle Landry from his YouTube channel, where he posts wonderful piano covers of music from video games, anime, and Disney films (among other things). However, Kyle has done quite a bit with his talent, from starting a very successful Twitch channel to composing music for the video game Bacon Man to performing live at places such as Singapore and E3. I’ve been a fan of his channel for years, and last week he took the time to answer a few questions for Ani-TAY:

Thanks for being here, Kyle! First off, an obvious question: when and how did you start playing the piano?

I started playing the piano when I was 8 years old during the July of 1998. I was inspired by my mother and sister who played the piano in front of me all the time as a young child.

I know you began a Youtube channel quite some time ago, what led you to get started? What kind of difficulties did you face?

I started youtube in 2006 simply to try it out. When I saw the comments pour in, it made me really happy and wanting to post more and more. It was also a great way to get feedback for my playing. I can’t say there were any difficulties.


At what point did you decide to combine the two interests by playing anime covers on the piano? Was there any show in particular that influenced you?

In 2005, I discovered online sheet music, and I found that there were transcriptions for nearly any video game or anime you could find. I started getting into posting them on YouTube in 2006, most notably Naruto!

You’ve performed quite a few arrangements as well as original compositions. Do you have any favorites that stick out in your mind? Why?


I don’t answer favorite questions, I just have a hard time answering them. :o

Do you have any anime pieces that you have yet to cover that you would like to do? Why?

There aren’t many anime pieces that I have in the backlog at the moment. However, when my fans push me enough, I will often play things that they really want me to play.


This past fall and winter, Your Lie in April, an anime whose central protagonist is a pianist, aired. What were your thoughts about the show?

Your Lie in April was a pretty beautiful show, and I enjoyed it. It was filled with color, and beautiful music. However, for me, the characters, and the plot were a bit lacking. Overall, I would say it’s overrated, and Nodame Cantabile is a far better recommendation from me if you are interested in music being a heavy plot-driven factor.

Just a few months ago, you began performing live on Twitch. How has this experience been for you?


Twitch has been a wonderful experience! I’ve met a bunch of wonderful friends, and the staff has been very kind/helpful. I would love to continue working with Twitch in the future!

It’s quite impressive how you are able to perform music live from the many suggestions viewers post in your Twitch chat room. How do you manage to keep up with these, especially considering the length and frequency of your streams?


There are a lot of pieces I have memorized, and my hands very rarely get tired from playing the piano (unless I’m playing Chopin etudes!), so keeping up with requests and suggestions is not so bad!

I know that you have been working with Skymap Games in making a soundtrack for their new game, Bacon Man. What has that experience been like?

Writing music for Bacon Man has been an absolute pleasure. Not only does every single boss have it’s own battle theme, the styles of music ranges from many different genres!

Thank you so much for your time. Looking forward to your future work!

If you are interested in checking out Kyle’s YouTube channel, you can find it here. Kyle regularly streams piano performances (and takes suggestions from the chat) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. You can find his Twitch channel here. Kyle Landry also has a website, which features his released albums as well as downloadable sheet music. If you are interested in the upcoming game Bacon Man, which features a soundtrack by Kyle Landry and Braxton Burks, be sure to check out their website as well.



Header image credit to Skymap Games.

Do you have any particular favorite compositions or arrangements from Kyle Landry? Let us know in the comments!


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