It will be an adaptation on the manga based on the Puroresu Legend.

The New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Bushiroad owner, Takaaki Kidani, have announced that an Anime adaptation of the manga based on the Real Life Puroresu wrestler, Tiger Mask has been greenlit.

The manga is made byIkki Kajiwara. And it´s story is very “Lucha Libre Movie” style:

“Tiger Mask” is not only a Pro Wrestler, but also a man who fights against crime organizations and takes care of a children orphanage. These are his adventures.


The Original manga ran from 1969 to 1971. and has already inspired 2 animes and a Live Action Movie.


Some real life wrestlers in Japan have appeared and taken the character based on the manga.

Puroresu is the way the Japanese people say “Pro Wrestling” and has already been used to identify the Wrestling in Japan.


The Japan School of wrestling alongsidethe Mexican (Lucha Libre) and the American one are the most popular and known styles of Pro Wrestling. One is focused on power an theatrics (American) ; Other on Agility and Spectacular moves (Mexican) and the last one on Technique and a mix of agility and power (Japan).

I like the Lucha Libre movies already (some of them are so bad they are good though!) and I will surely see this anime!


Via: Anime News Network