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AMV of the Week #7 - Anime 404

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Title: Anime 404 | Creator: BakaOppai

Songs/Artists: Check out all the songs and artists used here.

Anime Used: Here is a list of all the anime used in this AMV.

Category: Comedy, Fun, Compilation

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Audio/Visual: Even though Anime 404 uses a variety of short clips from multiple songs, none of the transitions stand out as so abrupt as to detract from the viewer’s enjoyment of the video. A lot of the transitions don’t actually go straight from one song into another, but incorporate a brief moment or two in between songs filled with the ambient noise of whatever is being shown (such as a char swiveling around or making the sound of the music thinner as the camera moves from inside a car to outside of it). There are many places that the creator used normal sounds and effects to add depth to the video, but the more impressive parts of the video are where the creator built his own scenes. The most obvious example of this is the collision between the car driver with his eyes closed (like the song he is listening to) and the girl having the “best day of her life.” (These self-created scenes made from bits of multiple anime scenes are often used by the creator, BakaOppai, and are pretty impressive - here’s a video in which he shows how he does it)

  • Score- 10/10

Synchronization: From dancing to the music (whether it is dancing that is commonly associated with the song or not) to general sound effects, there is a lot of synchronization in this AMV, but a lot of it is straight forward. When there is a song, of course people will dance in time with it, that’s the whole point of the song being there. When people are walking, of course it will make footstep noises. Things like these are good for making the video feel more realistic (yes, even though it is obviously not real) because they fill in the sounds that go with the actions you see as you would expect them to be, but this leads to nothing really interesting or important standing out due to the synchronization. I’ll give it a high score because it’s impressive that he creator went through the tedious work of editing in all of those little sound effects, but Anime 404 does not use synchronization to highlight or emphasize key moments in the video.

  • Score- 8/10

Planning: The format of this particular AMV lends itself to be pretty dependent on good planning, and it surely did it well. There are a multitude of references throughout the video, each with a specifically tailored scene to match. Besides the obvious things like recreating a scene from Gangnam Style, Nyan Cat, or Frozen, the in between bits and setups are what give the video depth and keep it from being a montage of footage that looks like a 12 year old made. Each scene’s audio and visuals share a theme or connection of their own and encapsulate a small story, sometimes even overlapping stories. The variety of transitions used from scene to scene, whether it is TV static, fades, overlapping scenes, or sudden, inexplicable attack by large, man-eating humanoid creatures, the creator avoids a monotonous feeling of repetition.

  • Score- 10/10

Themes/Alternate Story: Comedies don’t usually have a story or theme, per se, but Anime 404 does have a small overarching plot that I find strangely familiar. I’m not talking about all of the small plots within each scene, but the story of a person who is watching AMVs (or playing an online game, as shown once in the video as well) and who’s internet decides “nah, I don’t feel like working right now” (thus the “404” in the title). The multitude of unrelated scenes hit the highlights of the AMVs that our poor lead character was watching before being Rick Rolled and then losing connection to the internet. This happens throughout the video and shows a change in ISPs each time, but no matter how far you run, Rocknet will always find you.

  • Score- 4/10

Overall, Anime 404 is a compilation of music and anime used creatively together with clever editing to bring together funny snippets of recent and past trends such as Gangnam Style, Rick Rolling, Frozen, and the Harlem Shake. Over the course of the video, there are many scenes and small details that are sure to hit on something you recognize and, if not make you laugh, at least make you think “hey, that was a clever reference.”


Awards and Other Info: This AMV has won 7 awards, including Best In Show for SakuraCon 2015, Anime North 2015, Kawaii Kon VAST 2015, & Kigacon 2015, Best Comedy for Kigacon 2015 & Anime Boston 2015, and Ohayocon 15’s Audience Choice award.

For more information and AMVs (both funny and serious) from BakkaOppai, you can visit his YouTube channel here.

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