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AMV of the Week #6 - Mission Control

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Title: Mission Control | Creator: xAnicsi

Songs: Our Demons | Artist: The Glitch Mob

Anime Used: Aldnoah.Zero

Category: Action

*This AMV contains spoilers for Aldnoah.Zero, but honestly just watch this and skip the show*

Questions about what an AMV is, what each category is about, or how the categories are scored? Here’s an introductory post to answer your questions before you continue on.


Audio/Visual: Visual effects are used throughout the video to highlight moments and events in a way that is mostly non-intrusive, such as the custom HUD and overlays. They are both impressive and clean, adding detail that makes simple character busts interesting. The shake effect is overused in some places, such as the character introduction shots, but it is not to the earthquake or motion-sickness-inducing level. The amount of effects declines as the video goes on, eventually becoming almost solely the shake effect. Good pans and zooms help to dilute the series of quickly flashing events, giving the video a less panic-y, thrown-together feel. There were some awkward audio cuts where the volume or mood of the music didn’t match or transition well, but they weren’t poorly edited cuts to say the least - just odd transitions musically.

  • Score- 6/10

Synchronization: In Mission Control, the use of synchronization is hit and miss. Some things such as the massive explosion coincide with audio cues of equal magnitude in order to mutually highlight those moments of the video, but other things are pointless and detrimental to synchronize. Case-in-point, when the captain/admiral/commander’s “lip flap” is matched with the synths in the music. Such a random and pointless event makes the viewer miss the next few seconds wondering, “Did he really just take the time to match that guy’s low-grade mouth animation to the music?” Besides the occasional extraneous use of synchronization, many of the scene changes, explosions, and other visual moments were highlighted by the audio, such as Slaine firing a gun.

  • Score- 7/10

Planning: The AMV started out looking like it was going to be a well planned video, considering its title and “simulation” premise, but after the beginning passes, it seems to just be a flash of action-packed scenes. If the creator had cut out some of the more extraneous scenes and focused more on their concept of a simulation and story, the video would seem more coherent and focused. Without a story, the character introduction shots are meaningless, which shows that not a lot of thought was put into the making of the video. The rapid pace of events obscures the fact that about every third scene, together, told a well-thought out story and utilized effects to emphasize key moments and details. The great scene selection and intensity were undermined by the lack of a strong unifying factor, such as a story line, and rushed pacing. The video felt more like a promotional video for Aldnoah.Zero because of its highlight-reel-esque format, which makes it easy to forget that it is an AMV and overlook some of the synchronization.

  • Score- 5/10

Themes/Alternate Story: As far as alternate story lines go, making the events of Aldnoah.Zero look like a simulation or game would be extremely interesting, but Mission Control doesn’t capitalize on it’s premise as it should. Instead of utilizing the simulation motif, the video simply bookends the action with screens saying “Initializing,” “Simulation Online,” and “Mission Failed.” It was also hard to discern what was going on unless you have already seen the show because of the rush of action. While a great concept that could have been very unique and impressive, it didn’t follow through. At least it wasn’t as bad as the story of Aldnoah.Zero itself.

  • Score- 3/10

Overall, the elements of Mission Control were used inconsistently, resulting in a mediocre AMV. There were things that should have been emphasized through synchronization or visual effects that weren’t and things that shouldn’t have been emphasized that were. While visually appealing, the direction of the video is undecided at best, confused at worst - entertaining to watch, but sufficiently flawed.


Awards and Other Info: This AMV did not win any awards, and was made in one week for’s The Quickening 2015 and tied for 1st in its group of contest’s first round.

You can find more videos by xAnicsi on YouTube.

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