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AMV of the Week #5 - Gatsby

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Title: Gatsby | Creator: GoЯz

Songs: Fantastic Baby | Artist: Big Bang

Anime Used: Various

Category: Dance

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Audio/Visual: Gatsby has creative original backgrounds and dancing (not this dancing, though) which are both impressive, but also make some scenes too visually busy. The progressive use of more color as the video goes on was an interesting choice, and definitely added to what this AMV is full of - its own style. On a few of the effects, such as the shaking of the screen, the edge of the picture is visible, meaning that the creator didn’t enlarge the picture past the resolution borders in order to have a buffer and avoid black bits showing during the effect. The pacing of the shots didn’t allow for the full effect of some of the visual elements to happen, which is a shame because the style of the video is pretty unique. The audio cuts were a bit lacking in finesse as well, but it wasn’t too noticeable on the initial viewing. Basically there was a lot of potential that could have been realized with a bit more polishing.

  • Score- 8/10

Synchronization: Most of the synchronization with the music happened in the transitions between shots, which isn’t bad, but a lot of weight to put on one aspect of the video. It wasn’t bad, but the dancing was a bit off of the music at times, though that may just be because of the low frame rate keeping the movements from being smooth and fluid. The dancing guy sings along to the song, but most of the parts showing him singing are just grunts, not actual lyrics.

  • Score- 5/10

Planning: The rotoscoping is a lot of effort to put into an AMV considering that most people just use scenes straight from anime (or if they’re crazy, build their own), and the dancing fit the music but could have been smoother. Little allusions to things (Shrek is Love, Batman, etc.) are always nice to see, even if just for the reason of the viewer being able to say “hey I get that reference, it’s kind of funny,” but some of them flashed by too fast hat they were hardly noticeable. The pacing of the video was fast and the AMV could benefit as a whole from slowing down just a bit, but even though the Steins;Gate scenes were meant to coincide with the music building, they were too long in comparison with the other shots and felt very out of place. A lot of effort was put into background effects as well, but more often than not it just added to the rushed feeling or made the shot feel too busy.

  • Score- 6/10

Themes/Alternate Story: While it is a very upbeat and catchy mix of music and dancing people, this AMV does not have an overarching theme nor an alternate story line. I guess if you’re looking for a deeper meaning in a dancing music video, you have greater things to be concerned with other than this section’s rating.

  • Score- 0/10

Overall, Gatsby is a fun, catchy AMV that had some issues with visual distractions in the background and a long scene that was just plain out of place. The lack of a theme or story can’t really be counted to the AMV’s detriment, because a dancing music video isn’t made for the plot. Gatsby is a mixed bag of entertaining to watch and ‘meh,’ making it less than “Fantastic, Baby.” It was fun to watch, but it was very much a one week project that could’ve benefited greatly from some polishing.


Awards and Other Info: This AMV has won 1 award,’s Quickening 2014 Competition’s Judge’s Choice award. Gatsby was made, conception to finished product, in just one week. You can check out more about it here.

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