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AMV of the Week #4 - My Demons

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Title: My Demons | Creator: Mox Mox

Songs: My Demons | Artist: Starset

Anime Used: Psycho-Pass

Category: Action, Drama, Psychological

**WARNING: This AMV Contains Spoilers for Psycho-Pass**

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**This article contains SPOILERS for Psycho-Pass**

Audio/Visual: After seeing so many AMVs that have so much editing and details put into them, it’s nice to see one that doesn’t focus as heavily on editing. There were fades and cuts as well as overlays and distortions, but they weren’t the focus. My Demons is a good example of an AMV that does what its title says - takes an anime and puts music to it in a video. It’s very enjoyable to watch, but at times the dark scenes seem too dark, especially when they come right after a scene that was well lit, so a bit of editing for balance there would make things smoother. Some parts are visually grainy as well. The only thing that stands out to me as solely annoying is the watermark in the top right corner. I know that watermarks are great for keeping your work yours, but if it were a bit smaller or closer to the corner it would have been less distracting. Ideally from a viewer’s perspective, there would be no watermark at all, but that decision is up to the creator. The price of security is visual appeal, unfortunately.

  • Score- 5/10

Synchronization: While by no means overflowing with synchronized moments, My Demons does have some synchronization for added emphasis. This AMV is strange in that it almost feels as if the synchronization is geared more towards using the visuals to highlight moments in the song, specifically the chorus. The drums in the chorus section line up with a number of visual actions, from fight scenes to zooming in on Akane’s face to Makishima pulling back the head of Akane’s friend. Besides the chorus where there is heavily emphasized syllables in the vocals accompanied by visual events, synchronization between the audio and visuals is not very present in the AMV. Where the visuals do line up with the audio is entertaining, especially when it transitions from Akane closing her eyes to Ko opening his as the music changes in tandem with the action at the very beginning. Hit-and-miss, but not bad.

  • Score- 6/10

Planning: Most of the planning for this AMV went into lining up the events of the anime with the lyrics of the song in order to emphasize the point the creator was making - that Ko and Makishima are the same, but different. From the line “wash away my colors” playing while Makishima is shown, alluding to his lack of a crime coefficient or ‘color’, to the more obvious “we are one and the same” during a fight between Ko and Makishima, there are various hints that reflect the creator’s thoughts about the characters by utilizing the chosen song for the video. There is an interesting moment when the music calms down as the video transitions to Akane under Makishima’s foot after a crash where it almost seems like Akane’s mental daze is the reason the previously lively music suddenly turned into an instrumental section with muffled voices that sound far away. In this same manner, “you take all the pain away” at the end could be Makishima speaking to Ko as he shoots him, ending his suffering, or “they think I’m crazy” in the beginning could be Ko’s thoughts as he remembers his first encounter with Makishima’s work and its effect on himself. “We are one and the same,” “I’ll become my worst enemy,” and “save me if I become my demons” while Ko and Makishima are on screen - all of these moments were planned to further the argument that Ko and Makishima can be regarded as the same type of person, but with different goals and motivations. There are still more places where the lyrics and visuals complement each other nicely and emphasize the possible meanings and implications of the characters’ actions, all of which contribute to an impressive feat of planning.

  • Score- 9/10

Themes/Alternate Story: My Demons doesn’t differ from the original plot of Psycho-Pass, but it does concentrate on the relationship of Ko and Makishima, specifically through the use of matching scenes about them to meaningful lyrics from the song. It primarily focuses on how it can be argued that both Makishima and Ko are essentially the same - people who’s lives are driven by a singular purpose and have no problem stepping outside the law, alienating themselves from everything and everyone around them in order to achieve that purpose. In short, doing the “wrong” things for the “right” reasons. This requires some knowledge of the show and its characters to have the full intended effect, but even without that it is clear that the two characters are in opposition to each other, though both are very similar.

  • Score- 7/10

Overall, My Demons is a refreshingly archetypal AMV that takes an anime and makes a music video out of it - clean, no glaring effects; just a song that fits the anime well. While most people might view AMVs like this as simple beginner’s work, the editing and planning that was present in My Demons says otherwise. Some areas could be improved, such as synchronizing the visuals to the audio more, but it’s nice to see an AMV that doesn’t rely so heavily on effects and the editing chops of the creator. Instead of aiming for a “wow-factor” experience, My Demons is an anime put to a song that can easily be thematically associated with the anime used.


Awards and Other Info: My Demons was not entered in any competitions, it was created solely for enjoyment. You can find more videos from Mox Mox here.

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