Title: Anime 101 | Creator: Vivifx

Songs: Good Feeling (Instrumental); Levels | Artist: Flo Rida; Avicii

Anime Used: http://bit.ly/1mvQp0B (Google Doc)

Category: Comedy, Fun, Other

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Audio/Visual: So many things. ALL the things, in fact. I’d just like to take the time to point out that a game of chess between Lelouch and Light would be amazing to watch (as long as no eye contact was made). On to the actual reviewing, the transition between songs is good (I’m not familiar with them, so I don’t know if it’s an obvious change to those well acquainted) and doesn’t distract from the video. The amount of editing involved in getting all of the shots put together blows my mind. Honestly, there are entirely too many things to do this justice in one paragraph, maybe even one article, so I’m just going to link the list of easter eggs and other bits. They are absolutely hilarious. You need to read them. All of them...or you could be like me and not realize there was a cheat sheet and instead go through the entire video 20+ times frame-by-frame clicking play/pause as fast as possible trying to find everything.

  • Score- 10/10

Synchronization: There aren’t really any big visual events that can be emphasized by connecting them to musical moments, mostly because all of the emphasis goes to the words and other comedy going on in the video. Like the mathematical equation for determining how moe something is. The way the words appear or change matches up with the music, which gives it a nice sense of connectivity, but there aren’t any big moments to wow the viewer.


  • Score- 6/10

Planning: Using synchronization or audio to impress the viewer was never really the point, though. The point was to make a high quality comedy AMV. The amount of planning to who goes in which shots, with what written on the board in the background, or what flyers there are posted is simply astounding. The essay/4th-wall-breaker was great, and I felt very rewarded for the tedious frame-by-frame search for jokes and such. There are so many, and they are all funny (some require a vague knowledge of the anime they are from). Really, there is no better way to review this AMV than to say that it must have taken an enormous amount of time to think of and put together, and that you simply must watch it multiple times and read all of the easter eggs.

  • Score- 10/10

Themes/Alternate Story: Anime 101 is a comedy AMV, and as such isn’t aimed towards the goal of creating a serious or thought-provoking narrative like most AMVs’ alternate story lines. The story itself is simply this - Welcome to Anime 101, a class where you study anime. If this were a real course, that’d be amazing, but there really isn’t any narrative, just a premise. It is a very clever premise though, and it opens the door for the lecture-style format of delivering all of the information for the comedy bits. The material itself is absolutely hilarious, but there’s not a story line, per se.


  • Score- 5/10

Overall, Anime 101 is a crash course in anime jokes and references, and most importantly, it tells us how to calculate the exact moe value of a character. The enjoyment of the viewer was definitely the main goal of the creator, and it couldn’t have been accomplished to a higher degree. One thing that bothers me, though, is that Shounen and Shoujo are labeled genres instead of demographics, but this AMV isn’t about technicalities, it’s about comedy, and it excels at it. This has been the most difficult AMV to write about (the order in which they are posted isn’t necessarily the order in which the articles are written) because most of what needs to be said is “Go watch this video - it’s hilarious and has about a million jokes in it that will make you laugh.” I hope you have been enjoying Ani-TAY Comedy Week!


Awards and Other Info: This AMV has won 18 awards, including SakuraCon 2014’s Best Comedy, Best Technical, Best in Show, & Judge’s Choice, Anime Boston 2014’s Best in Show, and Momocon 2014’s Best Comedy. A full list of awards is included in the video’s description on YouTube.

You should definitely check out the list of references, jokes, and assets used in this AMV. It’s seriously impressive and over 9000% worth your time.