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AMV of the Week #2 - Purge

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Title: Purge | Creator: Kyoroichi

Song: Cities in Dust | Artist: The Everlove

Anime Used: Zankyou no Terror, Aldnoah.Zero, Guilty Crown, Kara no Kyoukai

Category: Action, Drama

**WARNING: This AMV Contains Spoilers for Zankyou no Terror**

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**This article contains SPOILERS for Zankyou no Terror.**

Audio/Visual: One of the most impressive things about Purge is something that isn’t noticeable - and that’s why it’s impressive. The creator actually took the time to remove one of the verses from the song and seamlessly match up the music, which deserves some recognition specifically because it’s a hard to notice detail. That same smoothness of transitions and editing is also present in the rest of the AMV, especially with the tasteful incorporation of the text at the beginning. It blends well into the black and white scenes and is not invasive at all, but gives pertinent information. The overlaying of scenes and effects is well used, but can make the pace of the video feel too rushed, as things are constantly changing. The changes in visuals from one anime to another, though easily recognized if you have seen all of the anime used, are clean and are not jarringly different in appearance. The little details such as the audio editing and smooth incorporation of different anime scenes to supplement the narrative are the best technical features of Purge.

  • Score- 7/10

Synchronization: Purge has few moments of astounding synchronization between musical cues and visual events, mostly relying on the greater scale of matching up the themes of sections of the video to those of the lyrics of the music (such as the more destructive scenes happening during the chorus). At the very beginning, there is a very direct connection between audio and visuals as the lines “children were running, you were running” are heard just as it shows the children running to escape the facility. One of the best moments of direct correlation between audio and visuals in the video is undercut by the difficulty of reading the words “purge the world” flash in unison with the drums as 9 looks at 12’s grave. At the defining moment for 9’s character in the alternate story line, “purge the world” is crucial for the viewer to see so that they know the character change that is happening, but “purge” is almost non-existent and “the” difficult to see, leaving the viewer possibly confused as to why “world” randomly flashed on the screen. Though the usual connotation of synchronization does not apply well to Purge, a larger scale of connection between music and visuals is present.

  • Score- 6/10

Planning: AMVs always amaze me with the amount of thought that go into them, but some admittedly do better than others. While Purge may not be the paragon of planning, it certainly outshines many. The most impressive part is the clever incorporation of scenes from other shows into the AMV, such as the missile from Aldnoah.Zero. All of them play into the story the creator is building and help illustrate the escalation of 9’s actions. The choice of song is nearly perfect, as the line “your city lies in dust” refers at first to 9’s “city” (his happiness and life away from the organization) being “in dust” as 12 is killed, and later it refers to cities actually being turned to dust through 9’s revenge. The symbolism of death in the dead tree and crows scene just before 12 gets shot helps the viewer to pick up on the first meaning of “lies in dust.” The connotation of the chorus throughout the song progresses and builds in intensity as the scale of 9’s attacks grow, which demonstrates the amount of forethought put into not only the song in general, but how to utilize the song effectively throughout the video.

  • Score- 7/10

Themes/Alternate Story: Purge has one of the best alternate story lines that I have seen, mostly because of the creativity of it. It takes the plot from Zankyou no Terror and, by rearranging a few events, changes the implications of the actions taken by 9 (Clement Pierrard). Purge instead tells the story of children who have been trapped in a compound by an organization that performed behavioral experiments on the inmates and the tragic lives of loss they experience. As three children attempt to escape, one of them is killed, beginning 9’s tale of sorrow. 9 and 12 (Khaled Zahrani) begin to live happily through their teenage years, until 12 gets shot, presumably by the same people who had imprisoned them for experimentation as children. Because of this, 9 goes off the deep end and, having had everything meaningful in his life constantly taken away by these people, decides to wage an all-out war against them fueled by revenge in order to “purge the world” of their treachery. In the end, he dies as well, as shown in the scene where Shibazaki (who is an agent of the organization) looks at 9’s grave in the same way 9 looked at 12’s. It truly is impressive how changing the order of events around can give 9’s actions all new implications, especially with the chosen song to guide the viewers’ perceptions.

  • Score- 9/10

Overall, Purge is a solid AMV that truly capitalizes on the ability to tell an alternate story of the creator’s design. Even if it is somewhat lacking in using synchronization to emphasize major points and interesting scenes or effects, Purge has impressive editing that drives home the main point of the AMV - the story. This is a good example of an AMV that may not be as technically impressive as some at first glance, but is a piece of work that reflects the creator’s desire to develop an alternate narrative.


Awards and Other Info: This AMV has won 5 awards including AMV Level Up 2015’s 3rd Place Overall and Best Drama Video. A list of all AMV Level Up 2015 results can be found here. Other information about Purge can be found here.

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