Amazon Japan will Stream the newest Shin-Chan Spinoff

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Shin Crayon Shin-Chan: Aliens Vs. Shinnosuke will be exclusive by the Amazon Japan Streaming Services. Other Countries will be added later.


In August 1, the enwest Spinoff based on the Comedy Crayon Shin-Chan will come to light, and it will be Streamed exclusively by Amazon, starting in Japan and at a later date in other various countries.

While the original work is based on the modern day world and living of a regular Japanese Family; the Spinoff will be set in the Future where the Nohara Family and other human have awoken after 100 years sleep in a weird space ship in the space, the Anime will be about the things that happens in that closed enviroment.


Michio Mihara (Shin-Chans past movie...Th one about the dreams) will be directing at Shinei Animation; Kimiki Ueno (SHin-Chan´s movie were he moves to México) is writting the scripts.

As a Shin-Chan fan i have to say that i can´t wait to see it! sadly i thing it won´t be in legal ways since Amazon Streaming services are unavailable in the country i live.


Via: Anime News Network

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