Yay more Netflix news don’t you just love it? Anyways with a new month some new series are making there way onto our favorite non-anime streaming service Netflix. Two such series caught my eye a favorite around these parts Durarara two seasons dubbed and subbed are now streaming. The same is true of Aldnoah.Zero’s two seasons. Although I haven’t seen Durarara! before I can confirm Aldnoah.Zero is a very good entry in the mecha genre.

Interestingly the writer of Aldnoah.Zero is currently filling that role for the currently airing Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans so watching the series its being often compared to could be an interesting experience. Regardless its a good series and I’d recommend at least checking it out.

PS: I saw a report of Sword Art Online Season 2 being uploaded to Netflix I have not confirmed this yet.3