So before I will start, I’m obliged to tell you, there will be spoilers of first three episodes of Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records (a.k.a. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor) in the article. You have been warned.

Now without further ado, let us begin with the synopsis.

Glenn is a part-time teacher at a magic school who is inclined to write “self-study” on the blackboard and then take a nap. One of his students, Sistine, gets angry and challenges him to a duel and he is easily defeated. However, when a terrible incident threatens the school, Glenn shows intense dedication to protecting his students. (Source: ANN)

Right off the bat we have one of the magical shows common trope - a lazy main character, who when he tries can overcome even the greatest obstacles. Being this the first synopsis I read, I’d probably never even started the show, but sadly the first synopsis I read was on

Sistina attends a magical academy to hone her skills in the magical arts, hoping to solve the mystery of the enigmatic Sky Castle. After the retirement of her favorite teacher, the replacement, Glen, turns out to be a tardy, lazy, and seemingly incompetent bastard of an instructor. How is it that Glen was hand-picked by the best magician in the academy?! (Source: Tribuo Scans)

I know, that if you directly compare both of those synopsis, it might seems vaguely the same, but at least the second one has hint promise, that this actually might be hilarious show.


Episode 1 - The Unmotivated Bastard

We are starting the episode with flashback, where a woman is taking care of child, who is reading old tale and wants to be mage of justice. Later when one and one gets together, you can recognize in them Glenn (MC-kun) and Celica - one of the best teachers and mages at the magic university, who recommended Glenn as a substitute teacher. Quickly we change the place and now getting some information about world, girls doing magic outside of the Academy, where they suppose not to do it - usual stuff. Glenn being Glenn - lazy piece of sh*t, is going late for his first day, so he runs through the city and what coincidence, that he bumps into these two girls - Sistine and Rumia. Another blast of magic, which they suppose not to use and Glenn ends in the fountain. After recovery we get the first fanservice (6 minutes in the first episode) and he is blasted into the fountain again.


Never mind, let’s continue. So he is late and his students are getting frustrated in the class. When he finally appears, what surprise for Sistine and Rumia, that he’s the same pervert, they ran into on they way to Academy.

Unwilling to teach he declares self study, just to be able to have a nap. Sistine rage proves itself to be convincing argument for him to teach at least something, but he’s still without any enthusiasm and passion. When the bell rings it’s impressive how quickly he can leave the room. After that the next class is Alchemy Lab, for which they - obviously - needs to change (note: 12:30 in the first episode).


After lunch nothing changes.


That goes until the third period, when Sistine cannot hold herself anymore and challenge him to magical duel. He accepts. It’s all a big farce and he loses big way. The wager in the duel was for him to show little bit more respect to his students and try more to be a teacher. There we ends with episode 1.

Episode 2 - Just the Slightest Bit of Motivation

We start with the usual self study. When one of the girls wants to ask Glenn something, Sistine takes her away, since he clearly doesn’t understand a thing about the greatness or value of magic. On his question if the magic is really that great, she answers that it’s study of world’s principles. After a quick exchange finally Glenn agrees, that magic is really great at something - killing people. That hurts Sistine feelings, she slaps him and storm out of the class. Later Glenn sees Rumia in a lab, working on magic circle, so he decided to investigate.


For a moment he acts like a teacher and helps her with it. As they walk together out of the Academy it’s Rumia’s flashback time. About three years ago, when she was banished from home, captured by evil mages and nearly killed, she was saved by a mage of justice, so she wants to understand magic more, just to be able to repay a dept to that mysterious mage (*cough* Glenn).

Next day he apologizes to Sistine and starts to making fun of his students again - this time he means no harm by it though. He shows them one of the basic spells - Shock Bolt, with which he lost the duel. They already mastered this one, but he starts to explain, how the spell is behaving if you do it not in the short chant or the original three line chant. Magic is just an advanced form of autosuggestion and runic language they use when chanting spells is just the most efficient for achieving that. Magic itself has something similar to grammar and syntax, which helps reform subconscious in the way you want and thus creating the spell. If you understand that, you can chant basically with anything and even create your original spells. His reputation skyrockets and even students outside of his class are stopping by at his lectures. And Glenn himself starts to change and seems like he’s enjoying his stay at the Academy more and more.


Another day and he’s again late. On his way to the Academy he met other mage, who wants to send him to afterlife. In the meantime others from the evil mage group visit Glenn’s class, where they are asking for Rumia. One of them takes her out and we learn that she is Princess Ermiana, who suppose to be dead for three years (but isn’t, thanks Glenn!). The other one takes Sistine out of the class as well, you can imagine, what he wants to do with her, or just look at the gif below.

Glenn is there to save a day with his original spell - The Fool’s World. Upon its activation, nobody in certain range can cast any spells (not even Glenn) so he makes out of it a close range combat, where he defeat the evil mage (already second in a row, don’t forget the one who was in the city he met before).


Episode 3 - The Fool and Death

After saving Sistine, Glenn communicates with Celica, who is somewhere outside of the school and cannot use the teleportation circle to get back, so everything seems to be on Glenn. Before Glenn can get anything out of the mage he defeated, summoning portal of his boss Reik appears and with it bunch of bone golems. One of them kills Reik’s comrade and the rest attacks Sistine and Glenn. They run away. In a corridor Glenn starts to fight them to buy a time for Sistine, to alter one of her speciality and keeps the bone golems under control. She cannot stop them completely, but it’s not a problem and buys Glenn enough time to cast Extinction Ray!


It blows all bone golems away, but Glenn runs of almost all mana. Exactly the right time to have the evil mage’s boss Reik to show himself. He is surrounded by magical flying swords, and since it’s already activated spell, Glenn’s Fool’s World won’t have any effect on it. I’ll keep the description of the fight short - Glenn is wounded multiple times by the swords, pieced on several places, Sistine dispel the spell and Glenn kills Reik with his own sword. One of the things we learn is that Glenn was probably skilled mage killer, part of Imperial Court Mages Corps, but sadly Reik dies too quickly for us to learn Glenn’s codename as well.

Glenn faints. Before Sistine faints as well, she is able to heal him a little bit, so when he wakes up after almost half a day, he is able to move. After a quick “call” with Celica, he realizes that magical circle was not shutdown. They are rewriting it, which would take approximately half a day, so it’s about to be finished around now. But he cannot be late of course!


When he enters the room with teleportation circle, he has still 10 minutes for good. But Rumia isn’t there alone. She is there with the teacher (Huey-sensei), who was missing and who Glenn substituted for past few days. After the rewrite of teleportation circle will be done, Rumia will be transferred to evil mage’s organization base. In same time the white magic ritual the teacher already finished will devour his soul to generate enough mana to blow up the whole Academy.

In a race of time Glenn decides to remove all layers which binds Rumia. He wants to protect her from teleportation away and avoid Huey-sensei human bomb to activate. By using his own blood he is removing one layer after another. The last one remains but he has no power left! Tension raises!


By sheer willpower Rumia can reach him even through the barrier she is in and gives him the mana he needs. Yes - she is amplifier, person with the special ability to exponentially increase the power of those she touches, how convenient. He dispels the last circle and defeat Huey-sensei. Again passes out, but it’s Rumia’s lap pillow time!

There you go - first three episodes in nutshell. Disappointed by the first episode, getting sliver of hope in the second episode, just to shatter it in the third one. No harm for anybody enjoying the show, I just think it’s something I don’t want to waste more time with. So yeah, Glenn, you can go burn in hell and take the rest of Akashic Records with you. Farewell.