After the Rain: A Beautiful Anime, Forever Ruined by an SNL Sketch

Source: Anime News Network

So, how’s everyone’s winter anime season going?

Mine’s... gone well. Well, I can’t say going well, because Devilman Crybaby made everything else look tame by comparison, and it wrapped up last month, all in one go. Besides it, the only things that really piqued my interest were that Godzilla 3D Netflix film (which was alright; not great, not terrible, and I’m on board for the next two films in the planned trilogy), and Pop Team Epic, the anti-anime to end all anti-anime.


Oh, and there was After the Rain, one of Amazon’s offerings for this season. It definitely has things going for it: beautiful animation, a first episode that’s nearly perfect, and since Anime Strike is now dead all you need to watch it is an Amazon Prime subscription. However, it does have one fatal flaw, one that I can’t stop seeing in it once I remembered one of my all time favorite SNL sketches:

For the uninitiated, After the Rain follows the... relationship between a 17 year old high schooler, and her crush on a 45 year old widowed man, and... sorry, at that point all I hear is Tina Fey and Amy Poehler announcing “Meet, your second wife!” in gameshow voices.

I know After the Rain is far, far, far from the only anime to have a questionable relationship be the center of the story, but in this day and age, it does feel just a bit outdated. Well, perhaps more than “just”, but it is enough to discourage me from watching it.

Maybe that antarctica anime is going somewhere. Or maybe that one about eating pancreases...

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