Admin’s Note: Regarding the counterpoint article to the Leave MAL article yesterday, the author has decided to delete the article due to its emotionally charged nature. He never intended to defend any ideology and the intended effect was supposed to be to reiterate that one wrong is not necessarily enough to abandon an entire website over.

Nevertheless, there were ramifications to the article and after measured discussion, the author decided to remove the article. While the admins were prepared to repost it with an admin preface, it was decided that the core of the article was not emblematic of the author’s actual beliefs. As such, it will not be returning.


We always strive for open discourse and are committed to always being transparent as we can on AniTAY. Community is how we thrive and we’re always committed to giving people that write here choices, not ultimatums, not silent edits, and we will continue to do so.

This post may be edited and we will notify if it is.

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