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A Silent Voice Gets a Dub Cast, 30 Oct Home Release Information

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Kyoto Animation’s super hyped up adaptation of the successful 2011 manga A Silent Voice was recently announced by All the Anime for a 30 October home release. While only showing up for UK purchases at the time, it is only a matter of time for the hit film to become available in all regions. The UK release will have several versions ranging from DVD to special edition Blu-Rays that have posters.


What was more of a shock was the full credit list for the dub of the film. Directed by legendary voice actress Stephanie Sheh (who also directed the dub to Your Name. earlier this year), the film will be headlined by voice talents such as Robbie Daymond (Goro Akechi in Persona 5) and Kira Buckland (2B in NieR: Automata) as well as new names like Lexi Cowden.

Stay tuned to AniTAY for more information on the release and coverage for everything related to the film (maybe even a piece covering the dub by yours truly!).


Originally broke by Anime News Network.

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