The Western version of the “HarlockVerse”.

On the Pages of the enwest number of Akita Shoten Champion RED (Saint Seiya- Saintia Sho) it has been revealed that a new version of the 70´s Leiji Matsumoto´s manga “Gun Frontier” is being published by the Mangaka Yuzuru Shimazaki and the new version is called “Gun Frontier ~Harlock & Toshiro’s Youthful Journey”

The Original manga centers in the desperados: Harlock and Toshiro who alongside Sinoura goes on the wild west in search of the “Samurai Valley”, the place where Toshiro´s people are after being abducted and taken to the new world.

An Anime adaptation came in the early years of the XXI Century and while I found it entertaining it had some problems regarding the production values.


Finally, as I implied before, i watched the anime back in the day and it has me curious if the new version will change some of the things that both the anime and manga had, like the extreme misoginy and rape... Also that it didn´t had a proper ending (regarding the anime at the very least).

Via: Anime News Network