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A new Berserk Anime is coming!!

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Also the manga will enter to a Hiatus...Again...Until Summer 2016 .

The Hakusensha´s Young-Animal magazine has revealed that NBC-Universal is working on a new Berserk Anime. It is still unknown if it will be an Anime, Ova, Movie or something.


The first Teaser will be revealed at the Comiket which will occur at the end of this month.

Kentaro Miura, Berserk´s Creator, has commented that the Anime will show Guts (The main character) on his “Black Swordman” attire. Which is revealed way past the 1997 Anime left off. Which By the way, will get a Blu-Ray Disc alongside the 2012 Remaster.


On the same note. Miura has said that the Manga will enter on Hiatus until Summer 2016.

On the past year the manga entered on various hiatus until July of this year were it became regular again.


I haven´t watched the anime or the movies, but i am reading the manga since it got published here on México. Still i have a question for the ones that keep at the latest episode...Does Guts is still on the boat?

Via: Anime News Network

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