A Message to the Ani-TAY Community

Hello all, I just arrived home from the last of my out-of-home endeavors and because of the proximity to the new season's 'slew of reviews' (tm)*, I wanted to take the time to ask the entire community to do something awesome.

* - not really


I think everyone has their own individual story about how they got involved in the Ani-TAY community, and even though all of these stories are very different, they all have one thing in common: "One day, I decided to comment for the first time". Every season around review time, a new group will often begin to actively participate in the community for the first time, something both great for us and, in my biased opinion, great for you. Ani-TAY's strength as a community grows with each new active participant, which is why I would like to take the time to request the following favor:

If you are a lurker, please try to comment on something that gets posted in the next couple of weeks.

That's not to say that you have to. Not all all. I know for a fact that some people just enjoy quietly reading things that are posted here, and if that is you then that is fine. However, if you have ever felt the urge to comment, I highly encourage you to try to do so, even if you do it on this post itself. I'm hoping to meet a couple of you for the first time in the comments!

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