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A Japanese Female Only Theater Group will do the Story of Abraham Lincoln

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For The People will be its name.

The famous female only theater group, Takarazuka Revue, has put its eyes on the history of one of the greatest American Presidents of all time: The Honest Abe Lincoln.


For the People - Lincoln, Jiyū wo Motometa Otoko- (The Man who called freedom) it will feature the story of Abraham Lincoln, The 16th US President and the one who lived during the Civil War and abolished slavery in the United States.

In Japan, and other parts of the world, he is more known for his phrase “government of the people, by the people, for the people”. The Revue website says that “frontier spirit and proud ideals are even now strongly carved into the breast of many Americans.”


The Play will be performed by The Flower Troupe, who is pretty famous, and directed by Ryo Harada (Al Capone); Lincoln will be played by Yu Todoroki (Oedipus King).

The play will start in Osaka on February and in Yokohama in March.

The fame of Lincoln down here in México is quite good and it is put as one of the biggest men that lived in the Continent (Like Benito Juarez, a very dear President of ours in the 19th Century). Heh, even Lincoln was opposed to go to war against México back in 1840 and he even sent a letter to Juarez when he was fighting against Maximilano´s Empire, also there is a Lincoln´s Statue in Chapultepec.


Via: Anime News Network

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