A DC Comics Manga is in the works

Shiori Teshirogi (Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Delivery) is in charge of the work.

It has been announced that DC Entertainment (Batman, Superman,etc)and the Magazine Akita Shoten Champion RED (Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, Saintia Sho, Gun Frontier Remake) has made an alliance to publish a new manga based on the DC Super heroes.


Jim Lee, from DC appeared and said that the objective of this collaboration is to reach younger generations and the female population.

The Mangaka in charge is Shiori Teshirogi, who is more known for her work on the Saint Seiya Spinoff “Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas” and it´s prequel/sequel “Anecdotes”, who has experience in both Shoujo and Shounen Genres. The Image that you can see above is a Fan-Art that Teshirogi made sometime ago after watching tons of DC Movies.

On the event an image of Batman and Harley Quinn was presented, although such image hasn´t been revealed to the public. The manga will be published this Summer.

Now, if you are curious here it is some samples of Shiori´s works:


Via: Cinema Today (Japanese)

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