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Oct 17
Anime with Big Dad Energy

2020 has been an interesting year- I have watched the most anime in this year than I probably have ever. There have been fantastic ones, horrible ones, ones that scarred, and ones that made me cry.

Oct 16
<i>Radiant </i>Redefines What A Shonen Masterpiece Can Be

First released in 2013, Tony Valente’s Radiant tells the story of Seth, a young apprentice sorcerer who dreams of becoming a Nemesis Hunter. Continuously on the move with his mentor Alma, the two of them are Infected – humans who came into contact with demons (Nemesis) and survived. In a world where magic is viewed as

Oct 15
Revolutionary Girl Utena Collector's Edition I Blu Ray Review

My kids and I tend to give daft nicknames to the shows we watch together. Lately, my eldest son and I have endured suspiciously immortal director Ridley Scott’s latest androids’n’misery SF depression-fest Raised by Wolves. We refer to it as “Murderbots”, an apt, snappy title. Last season, my daughter and I watched Re:Z


Oct 9
<i>13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim</i> is 2020's best narrative experience

Vanillaware is one of those niche developers that the average Call of Duty/FIFA/Need for Speed gamer has never heard of, nor would likely care about. This small Japanese company releases games infrequently, but when they do they are always worth experiencing. Their signature 2D hand-painted style looks like almost


Oct 2
The Anime That Made Us Angry

Sometimes, don’t you just want to whirl around in a frenzied spasm of destructive fury, spewing forth flames and shrapnel, igniting your surroundings in a conflagration of righteous rage? No? Has 2020 already made you numb? Let the writers of AniTAY rekindle the fire in your soul as we remember the anime that made us

Sep 29
<i>The God of High School</i>: Review

Every once in a while appears an anime from nowhere, that captivates its audience’s imagination, and defines its generation. Some deliver compelling writing, redefine genre rules, or break medium conventions through exceptional storytelling. Others build on prior successful works and develop their own voice. Even


Sep 26
Astolfo is More Than a Bigoted Meme

There is an inescapable, toxic sect of the anime fandom community. As recent developments with the Reddit backlash to the r/anime page banning the word “trap” has shown, hate and ignorance manifests itself deep within the ranks of anime fans. The bulk of this attention, it seems, has been surrounded around one of the

Sep 24
<i>Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul</i> movie review

Originally I was hyped to see this film back when it was meant to have been released cinematically in the UK in April. Had my tickets bought and everything. Then 2020 decided to do its thing and normal societal functioning was pretty much cancelled. I worried that perhaps I’d have to wait until next year for a blu-ray


Sep 12
Doctorkev Does <i>Fate/Stay Night</i>: Part 1: <i>Fate route</i>

So for the past year or more, I’ve been gradually trudging my way through the entire Monogatari anime series - all 100 episodes and 3 movies, and writing my thoughts about them on AniTAY. Although I’ve recently finished watching the final season, I can’t quite bring myself to write about it. Yet. Don’t worry, I’ll get

Sep 3
The Anime Playlist Of Summer 2020 – "Fakers" Edition

Welcome back to another edition of my seasonal Anime Playlist – your short guide into some of the best anime openings, endings, and original soundtracks along with some brief anime impressions! The summer season may have been lighter in content compared to previous seasons, but the tunes kept on rolling out with a new