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Apr 26
Barbie: The Action Anime - Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 review

If naked plastic smoothed-crotch automaton brawling is your idea of a good time, look no further than Netflix’s new Cyberpunk Barbie anime, also inexplicably known as Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045. It boasts incredible photo-realistic backdrops filled with awkward, unnaturally shiny doll-people who look so laughably

Apr 24
The Imaginarium of Satoshi Kon

If I were to define “imaginarium” (if it even can be defined), it’d be “a reality where you don’t know, or aren’t sure of, what is real.” While it could be argued that’s what our own world nowadays feels like, let’s keep things civil and simple by looking at this concept through the lens of a medium, specifically

Apr 23
AniTAY Podcast S5 E6: A Season of Wonders, and Also <i>8th Son</i>

The spring 2020 anime season is upon us. Although man shows are getting delayed, quite a few have managed to wrap up production ahead of time and (as of writing) are still broadcasting on schedule. We here at AniTAY have gone to great lengths to watch all the anime we can. For the podcast. Because we care. Except for



Apr 15
Stínolez’s Seasonal Roundup [Winter 2020]

Writing these seasonal roundups is a bittersweet moment every season. It’s sad to say goodbye to some great shows you managed to snatch between the sea of mediocre and bad shows, but you can look forward to what the next season brings. What’s your process of choosing new shows for the season? Are you going by


Apr 9
Hi Score Girl: A Nostalgia Bob-omb That'll Break Your Heart

Finally, season 2 of this criminally under-looked show is available to watch in the West on Netflix - today, April 9th 2020. It’s been a long, painful wait for these concluding episodes to arrive and I’ve been sitting on this article for months, waiting for just the right time to post it.


Apr 7
The Moe-fication of Isekai

Trends come and go, and anime genres are no exception. Tracking the rise and fall of various subgenres over the years can be enlightening in a cultural sense, such as the fall of the mecha genre during the 2010s, or how magical-girl shows have arguably seen a similar (if not greater) decline within the same decade.

Apr 6
Doctorkev's Winter 2020 Anime Postmortem

Spring has sprung, the last vestiges of cold and darkness swept away by longer, sun-filled days. The world is alive again and we’re all trapped inside by quarantine, unable to enjoy any of it. Console yourself by catching up on the winter season shows you may have missed. I’ll tell you what was worth watching and what