We are at Chapter 9 of this adventure filled with Amazing Dogfights, Robots, Pilots,Romance,Idols, Music, Cat people, Fish People, Apples, water, and much of other amazing crazyness!

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Chapter 7

The Chapter starts with an Explanation of what is the Proto culture, and it seems that it was the original Alien race that made the Humans, Zentraedis, Windermerans, etc. That 500,000 years ago.

Back to the main story, Reina and Makina are able to make a hole on the barrier that surrounds planet Voldor. So now the Delta Squadron goes in!

Voldor is a planet inhabited by…Feline people? And in truth it doesn´t have much strategic value…So it´s a mystery why the Windermerans want it. Our heroes dress as Cat people and are ready to action!


It seems that all the police officers and Military are already with the Var syndrome, since their aura (they used other word, but I forget) is off the charts.

Our Heroes get that it seems that the National Apple production has been forbidden and all the apples comes from Windermeran, also that the people under Var syndrome acts more like a robot rather than any other thing, just waiting for commands to be given.


After some stuff. Mikumo catches up with Freyja, Hayate and Mirage. She is a truly super Spy it seems since she has put some microphones and video in the whole palace.

In there they see that the Cat leader is having a chat with a Widermeran (Roid it seems). It seem that Windermere has some Dimensional Weapons who can be very damaging. Still Roid only interest is on investigating the Proto culture Ruins that are in Voldor, since he is interested in a justification that the Windermerana re the rightful heirs of the Proto Culture.

Meanwhile the Aerial Knights know that there is a mole in the planet.

Later we know that the Windermeran developed a Dimensional Weapon (which basically is a nuclear weapon to today standars) on their Independence war. Freyja has difficulty to believe that since she knew that such weapon was made by Humans, although the humans say that the Windermerans did it…So yeah… Anyway, Mikumo says some phrases who might as well come from Jaden Smith and let us keep going!


Meanwhile at Windermere, Heinz is talking with his Dad and well, the old man wants revenge from what happened to their planet.

Back at Voldor, our Heroes enters the facility where the Proto Culture ruins are and we get to know that while now Makina and Reina are Bread and Butter, before they where water and oil…They didn´t get along until they started getting along :P


In there they find that the whole place is used as… A water purification plant. Water for the army…And apples for the army. Everything seems normal until Hayato decides to mix the apples with the water. It seems the nutrients of the Water alongside the ones from the Windermere Apples, makes quite a recipe to awake the Var syndrome.

At the same time, Mikumo is singing because…Because reasons it seems. I don´t know, she is on her own world right now.

Finally after some things, Hayato, Freyja and Mirage are separated from the group and trapped between Borgues and the other Aerial Knights.


The chapter ends on a Cliffhanger! This chapter, I have to say was somewhat slow compared to the others, still since this is obviously a multiple chapter arc, I hope that on the general aspect the thing becomes awesome!

Chapter 8


The chapter starts on where the last one left off. Freyja, Hayato and Mirage are surrounded by the Sky Knights. Our Heroes try to escape and fail epically at doing so.

Meanwhile Messer and the rest of the girls of Walkure are trying to escape.

Freyja, Hayato and Mirage are about to get killed (by Keith) but Roi (Glasses guy) steps in since the orders where to capture them, not kill them. Roi wants to know more about Walkure, so having them alive is important.


Also we get to know a little more about how cruel where the war for the Windermeran people…Since most lives where destroyed on the Independence war.

At the same time Messer is having some form of PTS (or whatever its initials are for the “Estress Post traumatico) and they find Mikumo. So now Walkure will save the asses of our Heroes.


And so they did, via music and illusions and being catchy and cool and everything.

Our Heroes manages toe scape and both Messer and Keith fight a little, although both of them want to defeat the other on the Sky.

Heinz chants his song and everything looks like goes crazy. Including Messer.

The Delta Squadron has to fight against the Aerial Knights and the Spacey soldiers. Keith detects that Messer is infected …and that when he is like that he isn´t as cool fighting.


Talking about Messer I am seriously watching some death flags surrounding him, and I believe he will be killed soon… Like on the next 2 chapters! Still I hope that he gets an epic fight against Keith since I like the chemistry of these rivals!

Anyway. The pilot who is the dad of those 2 kids of the other chapter appears and attacks Walkure, who where singing.

Hayato enters to interrupt and both of them fight. Freyja decides to intervene and starts singing, her song is so powerful that Roi says that it´s interesting and it affects the other windermere…Heck even the King and Heinz felt the song!


This is a turning point to Freyja who was a little left behind and it was starting to felt like a character who didn´t had too much to add to the mix; but now…wow! I mean what she did was amazing and everything!

Freyja calms the Father (and Messer) and the Borgues steps in. Hayate goes to fight him and it looks like Hayate can interact with Freyja´s singing…He is an amazing pilot now!

Hayate is able to defeat Borgues and making him fall…Still he isn´t killed.

Our Heroes are successful!

Later Mikumo is with Freyja, who has now a resolution, to sing and help to end this war, so everyone can smile again!


Everyone goes back and both Mirage and Hayate detects that Messer is infected with the Var Syndrome.

In short it was an amazing chapter! I will say that it is perfect! Everything was…well amazing! There where no boring parts and everything felt into place! I am glad that the slowness of the past chapter was only to come an amazing parade of action, history and character development!


Also I will say it again…Messer is going to die :( I was liking the guy…I mea he has all those flags surrounding him now…He is being likeable and we are getting a little more of his persona. What’s more is that it looks like the next chapter it´s going to be focused on him! So… Yeah.

Chapter 9


The Chapter starts with Messer having a nightmare about a past incident, where a war massacre just happened…He was all bloody. It seems he is getting recovered for his wounds. Still everyone is truly thankful to him for saving them any number of times.

Meanwhile the other members of the Delta Squad are knowing that the Windermeran apples and the water from the ruins have stopped being eaten. Also what we have already know that Windermeran apples + Ruin water = Var syndrome…So let us continue.

It is revealed that the Walkure members have something called “Fold-Receptors” which means they can ease and erase the bacteria that cause the Var syndrome.


…Also Hayate has such capabilities. So he is basically Var free for life…Also that explains why his connection to Freyja was so strong that he was able to defeat Borgues.

Also it is revealed that the ones infected with Var syndrome aren´t in truth cured…They can get treatment to Var…But it is no Cure… Mirage and Hayato see themselves…Since they know about Messer situation.

Later we know that the Var destroyed a planet called Alfheim… Messer´s home planet. Mirage and Hayatoa re talking with Messer about how to deal with his situation.


Messer reveals that the Captain (the dude obsessed with Jellyfish) already knows… Ad he will come back to work. Hayate and Mirage where reluctant; but there wasn´t much they can do. Then Hayate decides, because reasons, to touch a bracelet that Messer had.

Long story short. The Bracelet releases a song… Walkure? Not really…Only Kaname, the red haired girl of Walkure and the true leader of the band.

It is playing a song that no one has heard before.

Messer tells them to not say anything about his condition…Pretty please?

Anyway… Later Hayate and Mirage are seeing the ocean while thinking about all of that… Certain someones look from the shadows…


And such persons extend the gossip that Mirayato is a thing now… That they are lovers and do this, that where this and that means dating and talking…They also do other thing as lovers though.

Of course all of this is gossip since we know all the truth; but one can see how the Romance triangle is taking more and more shape now.


Mirage ask to Kaname about the song she heard with Messer. Kaname responds saying that before Mikumo joined Walkure, she was the lead vocalist.

We get to know that Kaname was a failed Idol that later entered Walkure thanks to her fold receptors… and that the song “Axiom” (the one that plays on Messer´s bracelet) is her last song as vocalist.

Meanwhile we can see what one was assuming just a few minutes ago..He uses that music to calm himself…From the Var Syndrome of course.


Later we get to see that the remnants of the Protoculture in Ragna doesn´t react to the song as the ones in Voldor did.

Anyway. Messer is back to action and in the next scene. Hayato, Mirage and Chuck are giving their all against Messer. This is a special training for Messer who wants to face the White Knight again! So he needs to be in top shape!

Needless to say. Messer, with Var and everything, defeats them easy enough… Although Ernest Jhonson (AKA the amazing Zentraedi Cap)is worried about the hability of the other Delta members.


Later. It seems that Freyja is thinking all about that thing that Miayato are dating and doing lots of adults stuff like Cooking or watching adult shows like Game of Thrones and more things!

On any case she sees them at the beach…Alone together and runs…

What she did not know was that they where talking about Messer :P Also that Mirage is concerned about herself too. Since she is worried that she might get the Var syndrome anytime soon, Hayato calms her by saying that they have Freyja who can calm them…So they are ok.


Meanwhile at Windermere. Keith is talking with Roi. Theya re chatting about Apples, water and the Protoculture ruins… Keith is concerned; but Roi tells them that without the Wind Singer (Heinz) those things are only rocks.

On any case Keith leaves and will do something!

Back at Ragna. Freyja is restless (for the “Mirayato” thing) and watches Mirage going out, so she decides to follow her.


Hayato and Mirage are trying to convince Messer to stop fighting, since he has the Var syndrome. Still Messer is decided to keep going. Mirage ask her if it has to do with Kaname? Messer says that Kaname and her music saved him.

Suddenly the Aerial Knights comes! They haven´t activated the Var syndrome or any Wind song! They just want to fight it seems!


Delta Platoon goes to attack!

If you ask me this is a selfish thing of Keith, who wants to face the “Grim Reaper” on equal grounds; good thing that Messer wants the same thing to the “White Knight”.

Meanwhile Borgues is fighting Hayato!...Gotta keep the feud increasing :P

While Messer was fighting Keith the Var it seems it´s taking him over.

Walkure appears in order to appease Messer. An Amazing Dog fight occurs and Messer gets tranquilized…Also it seems the Aerial Knights where only studying the Protocultre ruins. Which it seems they can utlize.


The Aerial Knights leaves and the “Mirayato” stuff gets resolved. The Captain grabs Messer and tells him that he is at his limit, which Messer agrees.

Later Freyja apologize without saying why and leaves. She yells because…well she was embarrassed.

Messer, who was there, said that she was too loud. They talk about the future and that Freyja doesn´t think too much about it, since she is occupied with the present.


End of the chapter.

A more or less calm chapter, it was somewhat slow, with the exception of the last part. The romantic part was more or less average, while it wasn´t bad, it wasn´t the best either. Still the romantic part is important in macros, so they needed to started it in any way shape or form.

Finally I will ship “Mirayato” till the end and won´t stop using that ridiculous fusion name until everyone uses it!! D:<



As a question: Which characters ship is your favorite now? Messer x Kanade? Hayato x Freyja/Mirage?Reina x Makina? Mikumo x Mikumo? Leave your opiniĂłn in the comments!

Anyway, those are my thoughts as of right now and see ya at 3 or so Chapters!