We are back now in Chapter 6! And what three chapters have these been! We have some Dog Fighting, Music, Shipping,Music, Jerks, Music, Music and Music!!! So let´s check them out!

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Also here it is that cool song of the first chapter!

Chapter 4

The Chapter starts with a quick recap of the Var síndrome and Walkure´s importance. Then it pass to where the Aerial Knights are, and how one of them, Borgue I believe, want to crush them and the Earthlings too! Also their governor sings and stuff, making some crystals or relics resonate with it.

The blonde Aerial Knight, is his Brother (and his name is Keith it seems). Also he gets weak after singing… Hmmm… my plot sense is tingling.


Meanwhile our Heroes are having a fun party with beer and all the stuff since Freyja…And Hayato, are officially part of the team now! Also we get to know that both of them will have their first mission, which is singing and protecting respectively. Since the Var appearances have been on the rise lately. Also using pre-recorded songs aren´t a very good tactic since the effects gets much decreased or even nullified.

Also some talks and sees about shipping and stuff …

Also Freyja talks a little about her Hometown, Windermere, which is obviously the same place where the Aerial Knights are.


The Walkure leader, Mikumo, appears naked in public…because reasons…Err on any case, someone said that she might get killed…And I sort of believe it now :P She is way too mysterious for her own good!

Continuing Freyja narrates a little of her past and certain object she always carries. Also she makes mention of the past musical groups (I get hyped a little. I have to admit it) that where important before Walkure.


Also we get to know that the Windermer have extreme abilities, but they have a short life Span…They live 30 years tops, so Freyja will most likely die young for a Human Being.

Anyway, our Heroes go to Planet Randor and the Concert begins. We see their transformation to Idol Magical Girls who also changes clothes easily with Science it seems…


I have to say one thing on this Scene and it is how well it was animated, the scene was very fluid and it made me understand a little on why they decided to do this Artstyle that looked somewhat weird since sometimes looked good and others bad…I believe it was chosen because it let to do fluid animation in an easy way, it gets them do some fluids dancing and movements in a way that looks convincing and is simple to do. At the same time, it blends quite well with the CGI that appears, making that the stuff be with a good harmony all together.

… Also Hayate did his weird dance on his Valkyrie…which is called Siegfried BTW.

Meanwhile the Aerial Knights appeared to troll the scene, because that was the bad guys tend to do.


Anyway, the baddies comes deactivates all the flashy stuff that Walkure had and attacks them. Delta comes in and blocks the attack. At the same time the Queen/Princess/Young King/ Young Prince/ whatever (I don´t know its genre yet :P) sings and makes that the Spacey units become crazy…Also Messer is getting affected but he shrugs it off.

One thing that it is to note is how is the thinking of Mirage, since she didn´t wanted to kill her comrades, thing that Messer was doing, and for that she almost got shoot down, since according to Messer she hesitated. But it makes us see how even if she is too strict, she doesn´t want to hurt innocent people, specially Comrades in arms…And that includes the Affected by Var, in exchange we have Messer who is all cold and shoot them down like if it was nothing.

An amazing Dog fight starts and Walkure manages to recover the Var people and turning them back to normal… Also Hayate just showed us that he can´t fight too well…But at least he doesn´t give up :P


Finally, the Macross Captain reveals them that those mysterious units where nothing but a Decoy since an unknown army came in and took Planet Vordor. Nasty!

Finally, the mysterious units present themselves to the world as the Aerial Knights, and they have a message for all the Galaxy: The Windermere Kingdom has declared war to the Unified Government!


This Chapter was a good show of action, although quite short, but it managed to excite me with those amazing Dogfights they show us. So even if it´s very little they can truly make it work!

Chapter 5


The Chapter starts with an interesting explanation about how the Protoculture and how all of the Galaxy has the political shape it has now.

The Aerial Knights leader speaks on the reasons on why they have decided to declare war to the Unified Government. Which is basically because when they reached the Windermeran people, they brought the chains of oppression disguised as an olive branch, with Monopolist acts that make it´s culture suffer. And that´s why some years ago they reclaimed their Sky…But they won´t stop until the Unified Government effectively cease to exist.


Also… Buy the Singles! Show your love to Walkure by buying the music! (I would gladly buy one of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, but that´s another story).

Anyway. Continuing.


The Delta Squadron is very serious about what happened, while the Walkure members are…Enjoying Crack snacks or snacks made from Crack or jellyfishmade of Crack or something...Made of Crack.

On any case. The higher ups has come and tells them about what is the deal with Windermere (which is a planet now protected with an Interdimensional Barrier), which it is a planet very, very distant (like 800 Light-years away) and gained it´s Independence from the United Government 7 years ago (Which Johnson and other elders fought in there too) . Also that the Pilot with the Royal title of “White Knight” (Even though it´s Mecha is black) is with them… So yeah, the Aerial Knights have some good pilots in their ranks!

Continuing is that while not all the Var incidents are because of them, some are indeed their doing! Other observation is that they have managed to make the Var infected people to act like a group, instead of enter full Berserk and attack everything and everyone…


Continuing the Aerial Knights managed to conquer Planet Vordor without having to shoot a single bullet. They just made all the Spacey Units under their control and Puff. The planet was theirs!

Also the Walkure members express on what happened with the Song, they heard a Kid´s voice and it was when the Var started spreading, it was a beautiful voice, but full of pain. The voice might make Var people or dominate them, either way, that singing is part of the plan for Windermere

…Also Hayato felt the voice, he didn´t heard anything; but he felted it… How? Who knows! But let us continue!


Freyja adds that it might be a Wind Singer … which is a legend with…Light and Life and…Heck! Until proper explanation I will say it is a Super Saiyan version of the Windermeran people!... Something like this:

I´m so Sorry...

Well…Let us continue and ignore that... On Windermere the Aerial Knights are seen as Heroes (also Windermere truly likes dem Apples). The Glasses guy and the Blonde guy (Which I Believe it´s named Keith.) gives their report to a weak old man who I believe it is the King, about their progress. Also that the Kiddo (who is called Heinz… Like the canned vegetables brand) is very weakened for singing… Well that´s a Super Saiyan life for you. Continuing, they want to spread the Winds dominance… Because yeah.


Glasses guy says that still they need to investigate the Relics and know their capabilities. Still, one thing is certain…They want to kill the Earthlings and no Idol music will stop them from that!

Later we get to know that they see themselves as the true heirs of the Protoculture, and for that their holy mission is to spread their rightfulness to all the Galaxy.

Also… There was a scene with Borgues (red haired guy) and his teacher and… That he basically has a boner or something equivalent to it.


Back with Our Heroes. Their mission has changed, since as of right now they where only to limit the Var incidents, but since Windermer has declared war, they have help in the Defense against the Aerial Knights… So yeah, they are going to war. Everyone accepts..Excepts Hayato who will think about it first.

In the Case of Freyja, she was undecided until Mikumo told her about what would the people think of her right now…That she is a Spy of Windermere, and not only the HQ, but the Media and the Fans alike! Still Freyja is decided to change their thinking and decides to stay.


It is good that they have touched that subject since I thought on what implications might have viewing the events of the past chapter and looking on how the everything happened, so it is normal to think that the people might think something bad from her…Still let us see in how they treat that story part, since it can only comes in two versions: Half-Baked or well done!

Continuing we get to know that most of the Aliens (Mirage, etc) who now serve as part of the team, one time they fought against the Humans, which is a very interesting point and it show us that while the things might be peaceful now…In the past their first interactions were not peaceful, but wars, one after another. Making us see that the Earthlings civilization might be more of a Conqueror rather than a messenger of the Protoculture.

Continuing with that Mirage and the Merperson of the team wonders about what happened 7 years ago on the Windermere Independence War…


Like I said two paragraphs up it is about to happen. And it is that Freyja is the talk right now, and she gets accused by the media, so much that Hayato helps her to escape.

Later we see the cliché that Freyja just wants peace and all of that.


What for me is more important is that we get the revelation that Mirage is the Granddaughter of Max and Miriya from the classic series. Anyway, Hayato stops her discourse by saying that Freyja , if she doesn´t want to, don´t have to feel obligated to be a “Bridge between two species” . After that both Mirage and Hayato start arguing the later because he is allergic to Cats and he still sucks…Talking about sucks, According to Hayato Mirage still smells like Puke… Well, continuing.

Hayato takes Freyja elsewhere, who after such scene laughs at that funny discussion.


Well, after some flying, music, Valkyrie dancing and the decision of Freyja to stay in Walkure more consolidated than anything. Both Hayato and Freyja are stopped by Messer who scolds Hayato, Freyja and Mirage…Hayato and Freyja for leaving their stand by position; Mirage from trying to stop them and not taking the proper measures with Hayato.

Hayato tries to defend both girls and says that they don´t need to be Scolded, since he did it on his own free will. Messer says that Hayato is not Delta´s Material and should leave… Man what a nasty guy!

Those words encourage Hayato to stay in Delta Platoon and end the War! Since when the war ends he will fly however and whenever he wants! …Messer responds saying that those are some big words for someone who barely can fly.


Finishing the chapter. Which even though it had some forced moments in order to develop the shipping with both Freyja and Mirage, it gave us a lot more background and reasons on what is happening right now, which is in truth a good thing since it will help us know what is more to come. And f you ask me, someone said that Mikumo might be killed and I somewhat agree to that since the red haired chick of Walkure said something among the lines of “Freyja can help Mikumo”…Which is other way to said “Substitution material”.

Chapter 6


The Chapter starts with Messer telling to the other Delta Members about what they fail…Except Hayato because he is not worthy of his time it seems. The only advice is that they must shoot to kill, since he is aiming for the wings. That goes for Mirage too. On any case Messer says that Mirage is a god pilot; but too by the book, so she is predictable, while Hayate, the only props he has is that he is unpredictable, and that´s it.

Meanwhile it seems that the Windermere have conquered other planets already. Also they have won all their battles, so the thing is tough for our Heroes.

Meanwhile Freyja talks with Mikumo about that mysterious singer of the Windermeran and how their singing feels very different than the one from Freyja.


In Another part, the Restaurant-Bar, the things are busy mostly because the people who makes business with war are mobilizing.

Meanwhile Hayato, Chuck , Freyja featuring Makina plus Reina, are talking or mostly critizicing Messer and Mikumo because they are too strict, still Freyja and Hayato recognizes that they are truly good at what they do, so when the training starts, they will do their best!


Meanwhile the Windermeran people are doing what they are doing, and their King/Singing Kid is truly weak. Keith wants him to keep singing because he is the wind under their wings or something like that. The Kid/Singing kid agrees, even if he is weak, but in exchange he wants the war to end as swiftly as possible.

Meanwhile Mirage is looking at her Mecha and a voice saying that she is not as good as her Grandfathers resonates in her head… Hayato comes in to give her support.

Meanwhile on the orbit of the Planet Ionideth where the Var outbreak plus the Aerial Knights are winning the battle. So our guys of Delta Squadron will have to help fighting the enemy!


An amazing fight occurs and…Walkure is singing reflecting their faces (plus music I believe) on the asteroids…That´s cool, I guess.

Messer is having a cool fight against Keith; While Hayato has to fight against the Windermeran twins Theo and Xao .


Borgues goes straight to where Walkure is and shoot them!...Because he hates pop Idols or something, he tries to kill Freyja and calls her a Traitor, which impress Freyja; but Hayato comes in and saves the day! At the same time Mirage will have to fight against Uroh, a young Windermeran and Herman, a veteran.

Hayate looses sight of Borgues and detects the distress signal of Mirage so he goes to the rescue! Uroh was about to destroy Mirage´s Valkyrie until Hayate comes in and destroy the enemy! Uroh manages to get out of the Valkyrie in time; but the explossion reaches him, Herman tried to savehim and fails!

…On their eyes, Hayate has killed someone for the first time.


Later, Hayate was very silent, thinking in what happened. Hayate might know how to fly and defend himself; but clearly he isn´t truly prepared for war…

At the same time, Mikumo is basically being a royal pain for Freyja, saying that Walkure doesn´t need of someone whose resolution gets menaced by mere words. Mikumo tells her that she needs to remember the reasons on why she is singing.

Back with Hayate and Mirage, she gives her thanks for saving her and tells him about the first time when she had to kill someone. How she has to pretend it didn´t matter, since those actions are of the type that never go away…So one has to act like if it wasn´t a big deal and keep going forward.


Hayate understands and gives his Thanks, he says that he won´t back down. Also that he knew that he would ended up doing it sooner or lather.

Meanwhile Freyja hears the last part of the conversation while she wonders what is her purpose? What are her feelings?

Meanwhile in Windermere, Keith is with Heinz, the King/singing Kid. They are going somewhere. There is to say that they leave the battle by order of the Glasses guy who was following the desires of Heinz.


Keith shows Heinz a some sort of weird deformation on the ground “The Scar of their Shame” Heinz is impressed and terrified.

After the credits The Delta Squadron is given the mission to go to Planet Voldor and investigate what are doing the Windermer people now that they domain the planet.


The Chapter ends.

A very good chapter in truth! While the recovery of the impact regarding Hayate was very quickly, all the other stuff is quite good! The Battle was quite good also!

I Believed that Borgues was the only one who hated the Earthlings; but it seems that Keith does it too, since he wants to keep fighting and it seems he is ok by Slaughtering the enemy. So in the end maybe the difference is that Borgues is Hot-Blooded while Keit is Cold-Blooded.


On Another point, yeah, I agree with the people who are subbing it…Mikumo is such a She-dog! I mean, it seems that she likes to pick on Freyja for whatever thing, which is weird because she was the one who was interested in her.

Now it would be interesting to know what will happen regarding the other Aerial Knights, and even maybe , just maybe, someone might get involved with them since they Delta Squadron is going under covered , so there is the chance that they get to know the other side of the things! Also…My ship of “Mirayate” is growing…Since I feel that the relationship with Freyja is more as a siblings or something like that :P

Now that we know a little more about the Aerial Knights. Do you Root from them? And second Question, what is your favorite Character as of Right now?


Anyway, those are my thoughts as of right now and see ya at 3 or so Chapters!