We have reached the end of the road! The Under 20 has come to an end so... What was of our Heroes? Lets find out!

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Chapter 51

An Amazing episode! The fight did not disappoint with a lot of exciting moments! There it is to say that one can see that this chapter had high production values! Man a lot of scenes were very well made!

At the same we got a lot of character development for both Shiranui and his resolve to destroy…Since, now that seems it´s not the case, now that he can feel that his soldiers never left his side, and the desire of Chrono to visit Cray by his own methods, not by Stride Gates or Singularities; but by his own power!


In the end Chrono was able to defeat Kazumi, AKA Shiranui, and he seems Ok with this. At the same time Chrodran will be waiting for Chrono, in the far future for him, on Cray.

Chapter 52


An amazing finale! But let´s go in parts since this will be more or less a long one.

First we get to see how Chrono Won and the last exchange of words between Shiranui and Kazumi, and how both of them apologized to each other since both of them think they themselves were weak, still a friendship and respect was born between unit and Vanguard.


In another point, sometime later we get to see what was of Verno who went back to be a model (and she looked hawt in those outfits), Tokoha who was able to move on (now in France) and Kumi who knew all along that Tokoha was in love with Miguel; that Kazumi and Kazuma are brothers again and are quite happy with each other since they are family again. The Vanguard Club is back to their old room club and they are happy…Although they need to gather more members; Enishi is back as the Black Irregulars Branch Chief, and he looks happy alongside Ibuki. We also saw Chrono, Taiyou and Kazuma and the hundred of new rivals who wants to fight them (we also saw Chrono´s hot aunt…She is still hawt); also Chrono is decided to become an astronaut and reach Planet Cray, and Aichi gave him some advices… Which is that he needs to be crazy smart and as strong as Goku to reach it.

After those epilogues…Now comes the prologue for the new season.... Kazumi (who in real life is a Try3 fanboy and wants to see them together again) comes to Card Capital 2 where Try3, Striders, Aichi and Ibuki were… He reveals that he has Shiranui´s memories and he now knows what was Shiranui´s master, their objectives and everything…

Gastille… Gastille was the being who brought Shiranui to the dark side on his dark hours. What Gastille wanted were 2 things… To bring the Chaos Vader to this world, thing he accomplished by Diffriding Noah, and to search of a vessel for a divinity, a mission that all the Apostles have…


These “Apostles” are followers of a dark god, the Dragon of Destruction Gyes, and they donpt want to destroy Vanguard, no…They want to destroy everything.

Kazumi explains that this Dark divinity is the being that hides behind the void, the force of nature that brought a rare sickness, then brought the Aqua force out of its slumber_; called the alien force “Link Joker” to consume and destroy everything, and a lot of other actions…All of this on its fight against the Messiah, the new Divinity that defeated its reign of terror.


Finally, in another location, we can see that Saori (whose real human is trying to get him back to the good side) is with other company…He has been accepted as one of the Apostles, alongside Noah and a lot of other people, they have the mission to destroy and bring thei God to this world!

This is the end of this Vanguard Season; but not to worries! Since I will come back with these kind of articles with Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Z so keep looking forward to it, again it will be every 5 or so weeks!

Anyway That is all So See ya next time!