It is time for the last match of the finals! Team Strider Vs. Team Diffrider! The wills of Fukuhara Vanguard Club and Jaime Flowers are on Chrono and his friends now! Will they be able to defeat the gigantic force of the Diffriders?! Let us check it out!

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Chapter 46 

This chapter was a fight between Tokoha and Verno, Tokoha who now has a new urge to play Vanguard faced Verno… Basically because, yeah…

The fight was pretty good since I like to see the crazy numbers that Tokoha can pull with her Bloom hability! In any case Tokoha won and we get to know that it seems that the Diffriders have some limit to how much they can stay here, and it is linked to their win-lose proportions… So the next fight will be Verno´s last fight!


Chapter 47

The Grand finals are here! And it will be like a “Mortal Kombat Ladder” Which means that the winner of a match will advance to face the next opponent until he gets stopped and will be replaced by the other member until one of the teams is out of members…Or something.


The first Fight was between Verno Vs. Taiyou, and it was pretty good! We saw some truly good moves from both fighters and in the end Taiyou was able to take the victory and after that Verno´s Diffrider went back to Cray, so now she is Human… Or something.

We also saw a part of the Saori Vs. Taiyou fight and it seems that Saori is planning something… Or Something.


Chapter 48

A very good chapter! The results where predictable; but the moves were quite good. Anyway, we saw the end of the fight between Taiyou and Saori, he had some strategy that didn´t worked out thanks to lady luck; but his knowledge went to Kazuma who faced Saori… And obviously he will win this time!


Kazuma uses a similar way dealing with Saori and this time the strategy it works! And obviously Kazuma is able to win against Saori, who is very, very, very afraid to die; that´s why after losing and having a mental breakdown he leaves the team since he doesn´t care about money anymore, he has had enough of the horrible feeling of experiencing his death every time he loses, so he´s out.

Now it is the fight against Kazumi… The 2 brothers will fight!

Chapter 49


An Amazing chapter this week! I liked everything about this chapter even though it is predictable; but lets go a little slower.

The fight was Kazuma Vs. Kazumi where we saw more about the past of Kazuma and his character development from how he was as a child, then at the beginning of the series until today. The fight was amazingly well done with a lot of hype moments and amazing moves from both fighters.


Other important part was that Kazuma´s decision was so strong that it even Kazumi, the true Kazumi, woke up and even apologized to Kazumi since he knows that in both direct and indirect ways he has brought suffering to him, from the fact that they are half-siblings, that he and his Mom had to leave the family home to the whole burden of his family´s name without any benefits…He is sorry for all of that, still he says that Kazuma is way stronger than him.

After that Shiranui, Kazuma´s Diffrider, and obviously he defeats Kazuma; but he has won the respect and admiration of all the other attendants.


Now the next fight is Chrono Vs. Kazumi…The last fight has come.

Chapter 50


A very good chapter! The final fight of the U-20 finals and it hasn´t disappointed, although we only saw like half of the fight.

Still I liked how we saw the different motivations of both Kazumi and Stealth Dragon Shiranui. Kazumi reveals that for the longest time his desire was to extinguish his family name in order for Kazuma to be free of such chains and be happy; but one moment he just…Gave up, and that brought him to despair and sadness, since he couldn´t do anything for his brother.


In the case of Shiranui it is that he is all pissed off when he discovered that their fates and the killing of his comrades was all chained to a Children´s Card game in another dimension…So obviously when a being, “his master”, decides to help him to destroy Vanguard, he goes with him.

All in all very good chapters this time, now we are 2 chapters away and we will reach the end of the series! So be ready for the write ups in the next 2 weeks!

Anyway That is all and see ya in 2 or so weeks!