You might know Goose house from their performances of the ED to Silver Spoon and the OP to Your Lie in April, and they have quickly risen to become one of my favourite bands. They are known for doing covers of songs on Youtube but are quickly rising in popularity thanks to their recent success. I've picked out 5 of my favourite Youtube performances by them that should not be missed, enjoy!

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie

Originally by: AKB48 (Performed by Shuhei Kudo, Johnny Saito and Kei Takebuchi)


Originally by: Taylor Swift (Performed by Kei Takebuchi and Johnny Saito)

君の名は希望 (Your Name is Hope)

Originally by: 乃木坂46 (Performed by Shuhei Watanabe, Kei Takebuchi and Manami)

Hikaru Nara (OP for Your Lie in April)

Originally by: Goose House (Performed by Shuhei Watanabe, Shuhei Kudo, Manami, Migiwa Takezawa, Kei Takebuchi, Sayaka and Johnny Saito)


Their biggest success to date with over 30,000 singles sold according to Oricron, Hikaru Nara serves as the OP for the first cour of Your Lie in April.



Originally by: back number (Performed by Manami, Johnny Saito, Shuhei Kudo, Sayaka, Migiwa Takezawa, D-iZe, Kei Takebuchi and Shuhei Watanabe)


Oto No Naru Hou E (ED for Silver Spoon)

Originally by: Goose house (Performed by Johnny Saito, Shuhei Kudo, Sayaka, Kei Takebuchi, Migiwa Takezawa, Shuhei Watanabe and Manami).