A new season of Cardfight!! Vanguard G is upon us, and it started with a bang! The stakes are higher and it even looks like this is the end of the road for the world, an all out war between the Invaders of another dimention following the desire of their God Against the human forces following the desires of the Messiah!

Now this season of Vanguard G, it is basically showing us that this is the end of the road, and it is obvious from how in the opening the first few seconds we pass through a quick glance of every season´s logo, from G, GIRS Crisis, Stride Gate and NEXT.

On another though, and after reading various things, the fact that this is called Z while at the same time it is a showing of the last word (That was the reason Dragon Ball called it´s sequel in the anime as “Z” since there was nothing else after it) it is also a sound game, since when you put the “G” and “Z” together you get the sound “Giz” which it sort of sounds like “Gyze” the main enemy of this season. Anyway, outside of that let us go in deep to these 5 chapters!

Chapter 1


This was a very good first chapter for the introduction of the story, first we get to see that the Apostles are doing various shenanigans and destroying things on their path. At the same time, Chrono and the rest of the Striders team can´t go to various events due to this whole business with the Apostles.

Later Chrono faces Noah…Or the unit behind it, the fight was awesome although in the end Noah is able to defeat our protagonist and is sent to a strange location…Alongside the leader of Trinity Dragon.


At the same time, Saori…No, Dumjid, went to attack the very Vangaurd association and challenges Ibuki. If Ibuki wins they might get some answers.

Chapter 2


The chapter is the fight between Dumjid and Ibuki where Ibuki got to beat Dumjid…Although it seemed everything went according to Keikaku (TL Note: Keikaku means plan) and Dumjid revealed some stuff like some shenanigans they did to the interlopers of the Tatsunagi family and how they have silent them…Also that they are searching for a vessel for their God and all that jazz.

Also we got to see that Shion is not having the time of his life against an enemy that has stood in front of him.

Chapter 3


This chapter is about Shion and how one of the Apostle has come for him…Or rather against the family treasure, the Blazing Sword Fides, it is explained that Fides aligned with Messiah and was a vital piece against Gyze and the defeat of the Destruction Dragon and its followers. Still, Fides was sent to this world for order of the Messiah in order to help the humanity when their time to fight comes.

So there fore the Apostle now is against him, the fight started and while Shion made some good moves, he was unable to defeat his opponent, the Apostle Valeos, who destroyed Fides and what would be the last chance of humanity to hold their ground against Gyze and it´s followers.


This victory was brought up by the new monstrosities that Gyze made, the Zeroth Dagons, who are huge monster that both affect Cray and Earth and when played, if the user can´t defeat it´s opponent with them in that turn, they cannot use again the G4 cards… Big sacrifice if you ask me!

Anyway, in the End Shion is left frustrated since he couldn´t accomplish the mission that the original Fides left for his family…To stood up against the Dragon of Detsruction and save the world.

At the same time, Chrono has found Gastille, who tells our Heroes that there are only 2 ways to go out of the prison they are in… Either by dying or by being possessed by a Diffrider.


Chapter 4

Now it´s the time to Taiyou tof ace Valeos, we get to know that Taiyou is already forming a team for next year´s Under-20 tournament and his bro/rival Hiroki and both have grown out compared to when both where enemies back on Stride Gat! Time sure flies, huh?


In any case Taiyou is facing Valeos who reveals that the only people who are suitable for being the vessel of Gyze are the ones who have defeated a Diffrider, thing that Taiyou did, so he will be tested!

Obviously enough Valeos wins and Taiyou is captured in the relic prison where Chrono is… There he finds Rin and the 3 of them have the same mark on their hands any of them might as well become Gyze´s vessel now.


Chapter 5

This chapter it is now a fight between Kazuma and Dumjid (Saori) where they are fighting each other since Kazuma defeated a Diffrider (Saori to be exact) and Dumjid now it´s coming to get revenge! But lets go slower.


First Ibuki is getting all the information and has figured out that the Apostles are searching for people who defeated a Diffrider, and now they have Chrono, Taiyou and Rin, so now Kazuma and Henri are the only ones they are targeting.

Kazuma on his part is being protected by his Brother Kasumi who has not left his side…Until he went to the bathroom, on his way back he is confronted against Dumjid who forces him to fight…Well more or less since Kazuma wants to know more about what has been of Chrono and Taiyou!


Meanwhile Henri was going back home until he is confronted by Noah… or Rather Chaos Breaker. He was going to be forced to play against him, until Ren came and challenged him to fight…Thing that truly is not of interest of Chaos Breaker so he leaves. Ren then says to Henri that he is happy that thanks to him the Fukuhara´s Vangaurd Club (the club he was in when he studied the High School) is alive, so he is going to protect him.

Now on the fight against Dumjid, Kazuma did a lot of good moves; but ultimately, Dumjid was able to defeat him by using the Zeroth Dragon who also made a ruckus on the city…It sort of reminded me to Godzilla.


In the end Kazuma found on the Rleic the other people in there.

Meanwhile Shion, Tokoha and Jaime have joined in order to face the Apostles.

These 5 CHapters have been filed with Action and personally I have liked how powerful the enemies are from the get go, like a fussion with Ryuzu and the Company with the Diffriders, they are not only strongh players; but also have an objective and the methods to make it a reality. So indeed this season has started strong and it seems it will be filled with emotions.


Anyway That is all So See ya in 5 or so chapters!