We are at the end of the line now! The Semi finals for the gran Under-20 tournament are here, and boy did the fights were good! So before the grand Finals, let us see what happened on these 5 chapters!

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Chapter 41

This Chapter was excellent, I loved everything on this chapter, the 2 fights we sought were awesome, although IF I have to choose the winner it would be to the second one; but I am running myself, so let´s get a little slower.

The chapter covered one and a half fight between Diffriders and Fukuhara´s Vanguard Club, the first fight was between Verno Vs. Rin, where we sought an interesting fight that it ended on the victory for Rin and therefore Fukuhara.


The second fight, and my favorite, was between Saori Vs. Hayao, where in truth Hayao was able to bring the Hype and put Saori into a corner! Heck the chapter even ended on a cliffhanger where all pointed out that Hayao would win!

Chapter 42


This chapter was a follow out of the past one, where we could see Saori saving himself, although totally humiliated and branded as the “Heel” for the general public (well, not really; but it gave me that impression”) and winning against Hayao.

The second fight was between Kazumi and Shion, where for obvious reasons Kazumi won against Shion; but at least he tried! In any case this fight was entertaining; but it didn´t grabbed me much like how was the fight between Saori and Hayao… Although that might be Splatoon 2´s fault (amazing game!).


In any case, even though Fukuhara lost, they won the heart of the people and convinced the Fukuhara Higher ups to kept the Club! Although they were seeing their possibilities like being an unofficial club or keep playing vanguard as a team and other stuff; but oh well, their objective of saving the club was accomplished.

Chapter 43


This chapter now it is a fight between Team Striders and Jaime flowers, and like Chapter 41 it showed us only ine and a half match.

The first one between Taiyou of Striders Vs Kumi of Jaime flowers. I truly liked this fight, especially for all the crazy stuff that Kumi brought to the fight! That 3 Critical Check! Still in the end Taiyou was able to win, and he has found a new objective which is to come again to the U20 next year, with a new team and with the resolution to face and defeat Chrono! Kumi for her part showed much progress and that her objective was to fight for the sake of Tokoha and Enishi… Yeah, very generic, although how she acted after the fight was truly believable and it made me wish that she would won in order to not see her cry.


Now the second fight, which is Kazuma Vs. Enishi, the thing started a little dull; but there is some promise that the thing will heat up on the next chapter! At the same time Kazumi…The real Kazumi, not the Stealth Dragon Shiranui Unit, awoke a memory from within himself… One about Kazuma and how he had the ability to defeat him.

Chapter 44


A very good chapter! The fight between Tokoha Vs. Chrono was amazing! Although I have to say that while this fights are exciting and all, the results are easily predictable since we already know (due to story reasons) in who was going to win, still the fight was amazing.

Other point is that it seems that Kazumi Onimaru is getting both kinder to his Diffrider team mates and he is getting a little fearful of the ghost of both the past of his Human vessel and his card, especially because he saw Miguel´s Ghost in the Tokoha Vs. Chrono fight.


In short the chapter was very good; but predictable. Oh also the last turn of Enishi Vs. Kazuma was…Short and not that good.

Chapter 45


A surprisingly good chapter; at first it looked like the chapter would be dumb filler with maybe some character development for Kazuma; but we got that and even more!

I mean, the chapter was basically a training for Team Striders in General and Kazuma in Particular, this by the hands of Kanzaki who was the main villain of the first Season of G. At the same time we get to see a little more of Noah, who keeps doing his shenanigans in a global scale; which means that he is making more and more Diffriders, and he put his eyes in Kanzaki, who was able to repel it by his own will.


In the end Kazuma got his character development, which is that he is a white canvas, he doesn´t know what he wants for the future; but he knows that he will carve it by his own hand!

All in all a good chapter.

Now it seems that the next entry will be the last, since we already have a name for the new season, and a date (October) at the same time we are at the finals now, so yeah... Most likely the Noah thing will get resolved and then it will be the finals, all of this on the upcoming 5 chapters.


Anyway That is all and see ya in 5 or so weeks!