It┬┤s Summer Time and Cardfight!! Vanguard knows it! We got some cool fights, a new ending and some fan service for the people who wants to see the characters or is Shipping some pair! So let┬┤s get started!

Chapter 36

The chapter was a fight between Henri Hayao against Verno Fahrenheit. It was in fact a truly good fight where Henri truly shined on this and, against all the prognostics; he pulled a win against Verno! A Diffrider!

This chapter in truth it was needed in order to give to good ol┬┤ guy Hayao some shining moments! Since he has been losing and losing and losing! Also we haven┬┤t seen much of him either way, so seeing him was cool and amazing in it┬┤s own way!


Continuing with the chapter, Hayao also did this in order to ÔÇťfreeÔÇŁ Shion for the chain that it is the Fukuhara Card Club, thi by showing that He is ready to take the helm so Shion could fly and do what he truly wants, which it is to have fights that excites him, instead of using a strategy for the sake of the team.

In the end, Shion and Chrono will fight!

Chapter 37


The chapter was all about a fight between Chrono and SHion, which was enjoyable; but I have seen better.

We also got basically a reminder of the different characters motivation and a recap of the whole story that both Shion and Chrono had on the earlier seasons, also Tokoha talked and she didn┬┤t brought Miguel to the conversation, which is a novelty in its own way.


In the end Chrono wins and Shion loses, which it was to be expected since Chrono is a one-man team now! All in all, enjoyable; but I have seen better.

Chapter 38


A tradition has been held in Vanguard since the dawn of the original series, and it is that each season there will have a fan-service chapter where we will either see a lot of the bodies of the characters (either male or female), seeing them in silly situations and even having some shipping thrown in there. This season continues such tradition in this chapter.

On the story department we have that since only 3 teams made it to the last stage (Fukuhara┬┤s Vanguard club, Diffrider and Striders) a match between the 2 loser teams with most points will be held in order to determinate who will be the 4th team, which means that Jaime Flowers has a chance to going back!


Now on the chapter, we got some development for Henri who has more trust in himself since he defeated a Diffrider, the situation about the diffrider is delivered to each team. We sought some bonding time between Try3 (Chrono, Tokoha and Shion) and how each member later had with their own teams. We also sought Ibuki doing random shenanigans with Mamoru (So it is double Mamoru time!... Props to the person who understands that) also that he is quite fixated with his face and skin careÔÇŽAnd that besides Vanguard and being a good manager he sucks in a lot of areas.

Oh and we have some shipping between Rin and Mamoru! Cute and funny stuff all around!


Chapter 39

A very good chapter! I liked it a lot. The chapter was a fight between Jaime Flowers and Rummy Labyrinth with Saya, where obviously the winning team is Jaime Flowers, still the fight presented between Saya and Tokoha was amazingly well done. I really liked to see how much both girls boosted their units to insanely high numbers!


At the same time we got some glimps of the fights between Luna Vs. Kumi and Enishi Vs. Am where we see the resolutions for the Jaime flowers members, interesting case with Enishi which is that he is still a Dark Knight in shining armors and someone who likes to protect people... Specially girls, in any case Enishi hopes for Tokoha to overcome the void and sadness of losing someone loved, and to never fall to the ÔÇťdark sideÔÇŁ like he did in the past.

Next, we see that there are some differences in Diffriders, since Kazumi and Verno┬┤s way of thought is difference while Saori is getting bitter and bitter.


Finally, the order of the semi finals will be: Fukuhara┬┤s Vanguard club Vs. Diffrider and obviously Striders Vs. Jaime Flowers.

Oh! Also we got a new ending, a little fan servicey; but I liked it a lot!

Chapter 40

It was just a recap with added commentary from Team Strider, ergo Chrono, Taiyou and KazumaÔÇŽ That┬┤s all.

Anyway That is all and see ya in 5 or so weeks!