These 5 Chapters of Vanguard have focused on the personalities of the members of Diffriders Team, their reasons, their powers and how much wreck they can do, not only in the cardfights; but messing with the minds of their opponents. So let´s check them out!

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Chapter 31

While the past chapter was centered on Verna, this is centered on Saori, who is also another Diffrider; but this was basically a tourist who happens to be a mercenary back on Planet Cray, so he is doing a job right now…

Still, now it is time for Tokoha to fight against him! Also taking into account that Kazumi already defeated Kumi in a off camera way and now is fighting against Enishi…So yeah, the things looks grim for the Jaime Flowers team.


The fight was quite good if you ask me, not so much about the plays; but rather for the discussion and philosophical debate between Tokoha and Saori, since the Diffrider basically… Is all bitter and has stopped believing in anything since all the thing he knows is how to kill and hot to not get killed, since when you die that´s it, the end… Unlike Tokoha who carries Miguel´s will and wants to make it a reality.

In the end Saori wins; but it was the first time he found someone who truly made him sweat and to take a battle seriously since he came here.


Chapter 32

This chapter is centered on Kazumi Onimaru and is basically the past chapter, now from the point of view of Enishi and Kumi, since Kazumi has been defeating player after player, including Luna and Am, now… After he defeated Kumi, he started scolding her since he gets truly enraged that someone is having fun on what it is for him a battle to the death, plus everyone is weak, weak, weak and he canpt believe that their fates is linked with these fragile creatures.


In any case Enishi comes in and steps up for his friend and enters the battle! The battle was amazing, man the plays of both Enishi and Kazumi were amazing! Heck I even though for a moment that Enishi will win! In any case, Enishi lost; but I am getting ahead of myself.

Like in the past chapter, in here there was a debate about ideals and how a human and a Unit see the things from their point of view. Especially because Kazumi started remembering when he meet Miguel and became his friend, and how Miguel sought a certain potential coming from the humans, a thing that Kazumi has never seen… Still he was looking forward to enter this tournament with him; but that thing never came, since this fragile human body canpt resist much damage…


Still on the fight Enishi give his best and put Kazumi against the ropes; but ultimately the Diffrider won and he got to understand the “Human Potential” still… This only meant that Tokoha´s team, Jaime Flowers, is out of the competition, a pity if you ask me, and a lot of wasted potential…

In any case after the match Tokoha was planning in returning to Paris and get the whole truth towards Miguel and what happened to him and in truth what was him and what he was aiming for! Jaime then steps in and says that he will do such investigation for her in Paris since she needs to stay until the whole tournament has ended, in any case Tokoha is ready to say the true reason in why she decided to make something so bold as leaving her studies abroad and came back to play in a Card Tournament… And with that the chapter comes to an end.


Chapter 33

The chapter was a fight between Chrono and Saori, and which it was a great fight; but I would have liked that the one who brought down Saori would have been Tokoha; but I am heading myself, so let´s go in parts.


First the match between Chrono and Saori was amazing! Like seriously good! The turns were good and how the whole fight developed left a good taste in my mouth! Also I quite liked how Saori looked at this whole TCG thing, since for him this is a serious matter, a bloody fight where people can get killed, so it offends him that in our reality Vanguard it is a TCG where the people laughs and connect themselves.

On the same note I liked how Chrono couter those things with well, how it can even bring the best of the humans, and well… The fight obviously ends with Chrono winning and showing the human potential that Kazumi and Miguel sought and believed.


Finally the chapter ends with what will be the next fight: Kazumi Vs. Kazuma the brothers will fight!

Chapter 34


The fight between Kazuma and Kazumi was intense; although not as much as the whole psychological play that Kazumi made to his little brother due to their family position. Also the fact that he hold no punches regarding the fact that he opened Kazuma´s emotional wounds.

Still Kazuma did his best and showed us some good moves; but in the end of the day he had to lose against Kazumi, who on the whole fight got the upper hand and even was disappointed in seeing that Kazuma was So weak compared to him. Another interesting point is that it seems that at first Kazumi was good to his little brother until later he started being cold towards him, which makes me theorize that Shiranui maybe has been here for quite some time, like years!


In any case I feel pity for Kazuma; so I hope he gets his revenge in a way, in any case that was the last fight for the day; but not for the fights outside the tournament! So Chrono will fight against Kazumi!

Chapter 35


The Chapter was a fight between Chrono and Kazumi Onimaru, where the first had enough of the crap that Kazumi has done and said to Kazuma! The fight was extremely good!

Other important point is that Chrono ends revealing that Kazumi is a Diffrider, a being from another dimension possessing a human being. In the case of Kazumi is Shiranui, a unit fro Cardfight!! Vanguard. In a similar note it was revealed that the reason why Shiranui is doing this it is because he is fed up that the destiny of his world is chained to the whims of beings that look at the lives of his fellow units as a mere game. The fact that they steal their destinies and that such fates are at the hands of mere humans who don´t even think in them as human beings! He has had enough of that, and now wants to cut that… By destroying Vanguard. Of course, I don´t know how winning the U20 will make that; but Ok, I will not defy his logic!


All in all these 5 chapters where very good and it made us see and understand the Diffriders members!

Anyway That is all and see ya in 5 or so weeks!