5 Weeks have passed and out Heroes have entered on the second stage of the U-20 Championship! What could be awaiting for them there?! But before that it is time for Chrono to go and test his prowers against the previous main character: Sendou Aichi! How this clash of generations will go?! Let´s find out!

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Chapter 26

This chapter was all about Chrono and Aichi getting to know each other; Aichi (the Original Vanguard series main character) has heard a lot about Chrono thanks to Kamui, we also get to know that Aichi is studying in Yale and that he is studying some truly complicated thing about space or something. It also looks like Aichi is able to “visit” Cray using the power of the imagination, and that´s why he wants to help.

He also gives Chrono a new G4 Card, one that can only be activated after using 7 G4 cards. All in all, that was the chapter, basically a tribute to Aichi, and while I was fangirling the whole chapter, what it is important will come in the chapters to come, so let´s check them out!


Chapter 27

Aichi and Chrono fight! The Original main character Vs. The G one! The fight started somewhat slow; but it got waay better in the last turns of the match, some truly good plays from both of them, especially Chrono who made use of his Time leap strategy in very awesome ways!


In the end, though Aichi was the one who got the victory; but this won´t be the only match that Chrono will have today since Ibuki has come and he will face Chrono! In order to know if he is ready to face the truth behind the Under-20 championship and about Onimaru, his team and Noah!

Chapter 28


This chapter can be described with one word: Amazing! The fight was extremely good; but it wasn´t the only thing that the chapter had to offer! But let´s go with parts:

The fight between Ibuki and Chrono is basically a classic now, they have fought and always with different results, and as always seeing how Ibuki plays is a thing to behold, man the way he play is amazing and his moves always makes the opponent to go into a corner! Still Chrono also wasn´t a pushover and was able to handle Ibuki just fine, thing that made him the winner; but man was it hard and awesome! Chrono has to pull the new card that Aichi gave him and with that he was able to win, a thing that was very awesome in my opinion!


Next in the character development we have on the side of Shion and it seems that the Directive it is not quite satisfied in how the Vanguard Club is performing at the tournament, still the team is decided to win this thing and to conserve this club! Also Rin was worried by Hayao, although in her very Tsundere way.

With Tokoha she is having a party with her team members, family and Jaime. The Father, again, is worried that his Daughter has brought 2 random guys to the house…Again! Man that Chick is living in a harem!... Well, not really; but you get my point. Still after a few drinks (accompanied by his Son Mamoru + Jaime and Enishi) the things gets very relaxed. A little after that Tokoha confess to both Mamoru and Kumi that she wonders why they haven´t asked her why she came back? Since she threw her wish to go and study abroad in order to come back and play in a cards tournament? Kumi says that she didn´t wanted to ask since it was obvious that Tokoha was running from something, so if that was what she wanted, she as her friend will run with her! Mamoru at the same time says that he will be supporting his little sister in whatever she wants to do! Personaly, I think Kumi is right, indeed Tokoha looked like she was just running from the pain that the (allegedly)only man that she has ever fell in love died in such a drastic manner, so yeah maybe being at Paris right now only brought her sorrow, so that it is a possibility, still Tokoha is ready to keep going forward!


Finally the third part is that now Ibuki, Kai,Aichi and Chrono are going to see one of the members of the Tatsunagi group! That thing made me very hyped since the Tatsunagi where the closest thing of a “Vanguard association” back at the original series and the fact that they had to do with something related to Vanguard was a sign that a supernatural event was at play right now, from their oracles the Ultra Rare Idol group (where Kourin was a member, the only girl that we know has fell for Aichi; but even if they loved each other they had to be separated since their union will only bring sorrow and pain) and Takuto Tatsunagi, the boy who was Blonde Ezel´s vessel and how while at first the card only cared for his world in the end he get to love this one sacrificing himself in order to save it. So yeah, if the Tatsunagi group is involved then something big is at play right now!

Chapter 29


A Chapter of revelations, we got to see what was “Diffrider” means which is “Different World Rider” ergo a card that has come and possessed a human; most of the time they just come like tourist, sought the world for a while and leaves… But now there are some units that posses the human for all eternity, erasing from the conscience the host that had it, and Kazumin Onimaru has been possessed by Shiranui; the same for Noa.

Next is that we get to see the destiny of Takuto, the previous head of the Tatsunagi family, since for his brother he didn´t do a good job, due that the are only “observers”; but Takuto wanted to interfere and help… He trespassed their mission.


At the same time this Arc, ties what all of G and the original series did, by confirming everything that happened with Aichi (and his Psyqualia) and what happened on the past seasons of G; due that this problem of the “Diffrider” became a thing after the near connection produced by the past season´s events and adding to that the fact that both Aichi and Chrono have the hability to change the destiny, even though their sources are different (Psyqualia for Aichi and being a Singularity for Chrono).

There were some fights although it wasn´t the point of this chapter. In the end we got to see that Kai is going to help team Neo Nippon in getting Noa back! Interesting thing since Kai was possessed by the Link Joker in the original series…So he must truly know what it is to being possessed by an alien force, especially if it is Link Joker.


Chapter 30

A good chapter, although in comparison to the past one it was rather shallow; still we could learn a little more from the Driffrider team, now with Verna who isn´t a bad person unlike Kasumi Onimaru…As a matter of fact she has certain air like how Misaki gave in the original series, which is quite interesting by itself.


On another point we get to see that the newer rules for the second stage are harsher than the first one since once you lost it is time to go, so yeah… On the same point with Shion… I think he made the right call this time by avoiding Driffrider and both Chrono and Tokoha´s teams since that way he can fight against enemies he can surely defeat and make sure that his team keeps going forward, a truly good idea.


Now, finally, since there will be only 4 spots for the third stage it is obvious which teams are going to come on top; but I have some hopes that still we will see more about the other characters motivations and at the same time I´m eager to know what will be the fate of the Team Neo Nippon!

Also… I don´t like so much the new ending (the new opening is cool though), since the past one was epic and was quite fitting to the competition the characters are in; but oh well… Such is fate.

Anyway That is all and see ya in 5 or so weeks!